Bealtaine and the 16th Anniversary!

Bealtaine, the month of May, is just days away! This will mark the 16th year of the Bealtaine Project…my vision of turning marginal, north facing, wet and rushy land in the west of Ireland into a woodland garden and Permaculture Food Forest.

Jack in the Stone Circle

As each year has passed, the land has become more fertile, with crop yields continuing to increase. The Food Forest also continues to expand in many planted and natural ways…edible mushrooms are a growing part of the natural landscape of healthy woodland.

Just recently the old henhouse, previously a playhouse for my two eldest grandsons now grown up, was removed and this opened up a beautiful vista of the growing woodland.

Also, planting against the cottage walls as a form of both insulation and vertical gardening has been a key element in the evolution of the gardens.

Clematis Montana covers the front wall of the cottage and has been planted against the She Shed.

Over the past few months the world has been taken up in its fight against Coronavirus and many countries have been in lockdown, where people are forced to stay in their homes. Sites such as Bealtaine Cottage have become safe, go-to places of sanctuary online…no advertisements, no talking heads and lots of birdsong. It will always be like this, as I planned it to be something that I, myself, would be drawn to…hence many like-minded people come here.

There was a quiet celebration of Bealtaine this year as friends and family are confined to their homes. Despite this, the Bealtaine Fire was lit amid the ushering in of Summer.


  1. Happy Birthday Bealtaine Cottage!!!
    You are looking more and more stunning as the years go by…sending healthy protective blessings to you for growing so beautifully and sharing and providing of yourself with not only natures critters, a wonderful Goddess who 16 yrs ago had an incredible vision for you, a safety net for Jack to be free and enjoy himself but also for sharing a quiet sanctuary for many foreigner to virtually explore and escape…may you be safe & protected always…

  2. Hi Colette.I ordered two calendars from you in April and got a copy of your book, A Cottage and Three Acres instead. I already have your book, so want to exchange the book for the calendars. I’m sorry, because I know this must be a hassle for you. Is there anyone here in the US who ordered a copy of your book and didn’t get it? If so, I would be happy to mail the book to them instead of sending it back to you.  Thank you for your help. Blessings to you and Jack! Kay Ballard

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  3. Happy 16th anniversary what a beautiful paradise you have created that so many can enjoy. Blessings to you and Jack. cc

  4. Colette and Jack—I wish you the happiest 16th Anniversary of Bealtaine Cottage and Goddess Gardens!! You provide me with such peace and gratitude for your gorgeous gardens!! The birdsong and delicate chimes are such a balm to my soul during this time. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us such beauty!!!💖🍀

  5. Dearest Colette. Happy Anniversary. Thank you for creating a portal of peace and hope and love for Mother Earth and Nature. I love your new visual effects in the videos. They allow you to show more of the beauty of the garden within a certain time frame. Blessings to you always. And thank you so very much for this wonderful blog. Thank you for your wonderful books and it is my hope and goal that they will be read by as many people as possible. Love and blessings to you always. . Lynne

  6. Happy, happy anniversary AND Bealtaine! Your videos continue to keep me connected to Ireland, to the Goddess, and more fully aware in and around my own wee paradise of green life here on Long Island. Blessed be!

  7. As you say I have found myself turning time and again to Bealtaine Cottage for some peace and balance in these worrying times. I’m finding it difficult to sleep at the moment , add to that my tinnitus which always seems louder at night when all is quiet, so very often at 2am I’m putting in my headphones and just listening to your voice and the birdsong, it brings me some gentle relief I have often fallen asleep to the sounds of Bealtaine Cottage. Thankyou for that and everything else you do for our Mother. Blessings to you and Jack…. Sarah xXx

  8. Thanks for the videos. I was at my shed one day , decided to turn on phone. Boom Bealtaine cottage my favorite channel on live stream. But alas i decided to ask a question and you jumped on me. When i left channel only then did i realize the topic of video. Not all of us are trolls.

    Good Bye and Good Luck

    On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 7:54 AM Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland wrote:

    > Colette O’Neill posted: ” Bealtaine, the month of May, is just days away! > This will mark the 16th year of the Bealtaine Project…my vision of > turning marginal, north facing, wet and rushy land in the west of Ireland > into a woodland garden and Permaculture Food Forest. Ja” >

  9. A BIG Congratulations Colette on 16 Years of continued hard work & perseverance on managing the natural beauty of the Land known as Bealtaine⭐️

  10. Happy 16th Anniversary to you & Bealtaine Cottage, Colette, and a Happy Bealtaine, as well!
    As a “like-minded person”, I so appreciate all of the work you are doing, as does my husband. We look forward to each and every YouTube video, and I’m beginning to feel as though Bealtaine Cottage and the Woodland Garden are becoming a 2nd home to us, a getaway of sorts. This is particularly helpful during the pandemic. Last night I began re-reading “In Search of the Goddess Rising”, a book which is very pertinent to what is happening to Mother Earth, and which helps us to see Gaia as a living entity. I find all of your books, the calendar, and map as well, to be both comforting and inspiring. You’ve even taught me to say “Blessings”. So, Blessings to you, Colette!

  11. The Bealtaine Project kindles a passionate flame in our hearts. We, who love to dance in conjoined celebration and devotion to Mother Earth’s regeneration, rejoice. We dance and sing in honor of the unseen weavers of magic who abound above and below Bealtaine’s now fertile land! Thank you Colette for your passionate vision made visible.

  12. Ah,! So delighted Colette, that you share your sweet nurturing ( & jolly hard work!) life at Bealtsine Cottage! It’s a joy to follow you & dear Jack on your adventures,.
    Congratulations on the wonderous achievement of 16 years work of your heart & hands. Look what your endeavours have created…could there be a bigger ” thank you” from nature? Much love ❤️ & admiration from Australia ♥️

  13. You are a total inspiration and you have been so encouraging saying “You can do this” making us feel empowered and hopeful. Thank you so much x

  14. Thank you so much for being a part of my life from there in Ireland to here in Texas.

  15. Hello Colette I recently found your site and have been enjoying the videos very much . We are cut from the same cloth you and I as regards being deeply rooted into Mother Earth , Gaia . It’s a great pleasure to have this connection with you ,we also share the same historic ancestors .. hugs and Blessings to yourself and Jack . 💚

  16. Dear Colette, it’s very good to receive your entry.
    To Colette and all Beltaine friends, a poignant poem has come out of the Covid crisis.
    It is “Rest now, e Papatūānuku” by poet Nadine Anne Hura. I heard it was broadcast recently by the Prime Minister of N.Z. Google and it should come up. We can cry together (virtually).
    Warmest wishes

  17. Thank you Colette and Jack, you are for me an example , your you tube channel is my help to make my own garden a place to love and enjoy Happy Bealtaine for you and jack. Sending you lots of hugs and blessings. from Holland.

  18. Absolutely beautiful Colette , thank you . Yes , you Jack and Bealtaine are my happy place and peaceful place to be . My garden is my happy and peaceful place too . Happy Bealtaine dear Colette and darling Jack . Sending lots of love and hugs . Keep safe 💕🌸💜💚❤️🦊🐝💕🌸💜💚❤️Xxx

  19. Dear Collette;

    I have been viewing your wonderful garden often through the last two years or so. Thank you for so generously sharing your home and garden and Jack! The birdsong is so delightful. You must have a strong back to plant and care for so much. I will continue to watch and enjoy:)

    Salem, Ohio, USA

  20. Ah, Colette! It’s so long since your blog arrived in my mailbox! I thought you had decided to stop publishing in this way, but it is so lovely to read your blog again! I know, I can head over to your website and access things there, and, sometimes I do, but, most times, life gets in the way and I don’t get chance to go back to what I was reading/watching, even when I’ve just managed to say ” hello” to comment on your live facebook posts – so, so welcome, all of it! So, I just wanted to send you a heartfelt thanks, from me, for your blog post today. I managed to read it, and enjoy the photos, in between our usual day to day work.Stay safe, my dear, and please give Jack a big hug and fuss from me.Blessings of Beltane,fromElizabeth Carol TaylorSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  21. Beautiful Blog, thank you Colette. What you have achieved is such an inspiration. Proud to have Fennel, Blackcurrants, Lunaria and Nasturtium thriving in my garden, that came from Bealtaine, and your first book ‘A Cottage and Three Acres’ in my mini library of amazing writing. Many blessings to you from Louise in Malvern,UK

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