Encounter in the Stone Circle


The day has been soft and the sun has shone through the increasing canopy of trees casting an early Lughnasadh dapple light upon the lower reaches of Bealtaine Woods.



I have worked clearing the gravel of its new growth and even tidied up the rustic beds to the front of the cottage.


Between work I walked. I walked down along the road with Jack and in a more easy way I walked the land. Old growth pollarded Willow was beginning to lose its fight for the light as trees like the Oak and Lime shielded out the sun from above.

DSC04354I hadn’t realised just how much of my joy had been missing until I made the decision to renew my relationship with this website! Yes! I can at last comment and engage to my heart’s desire with so many wonderful people…and feel safe in my home at the same time!


I made my way along the path towards the Stone Circle, with signs of Lughnasadh beneath my feet.


This is a very narrow path that opens out into the Stone Circle…


It was in this south east corner of the land where I had my first encounter with the Sidhe many years ago. This corner has always held mystery and where I constructed the Stone Circle of Thirteen as an appeasement to what I had previously disturbed.


As the evening light cast shadows, wisps of blue and white appeared quite suddenly inside the Stone Circle.


…and slowly disappeared.


This has never happened before…not in the sixteen years I have lovingly photographed this land.


Blessings to you all XXX Colette



  1. I realize this is an older post, but it has been on my mind since I read it, and saw the beautiful blue light. First thoughts were that someone had been sitting in the chair enjoying the sanctity of the place and left when Colette arrived. I personally feel that empty chairs are sacred, in that there is always a place for unseen visitors to relax, and for all I truly know check in on how I’m doing. Some folks leave a setting at the table for those beloved that have departed. If the circle was created for those beings that may have once been disturbed by all of the new disturbances at Bealtaine, they very well may be simply using the space as it was designed for. Blue lights are my favorite.

  2. As a long-standing supporter (and participant) of blogs and blogging, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you returning to your website. I adore your YouTube videos but the rest of social media is a dumpster fire as far as I’m concerned and have recently removed myself from those realms. I really love your little audios….another step into slower-living…so very restful. thank you for sharing your magical home.

  3. Alas, what a joy Colette to have an opening to catch up with you and Jack and your recent posts! (This comment is a response to those as well.)You know how much the otherworldly portals of healing light mean to me. Thank you! I know many others also feel gratitude to you for freely opening Bealtaine’s Garden gate and cottage sanctuary so that we may be nurtured, strengthened and inspired. May we always honor and respect your heart and hearth as we join you in caring for Mother Earth wherever we are. May you continue to feel free to express yourself fully through your home website.

    I love the magical clarity of the photography; hearing your voice and that of the land; and the transparency of your unique presence.Thank you for venturing forth with renewed creative gusto; finding fresh new ways to share your vision, passion and love.

    Lughnasadh Blessings to you, Jack, Bealtaine Cottage, Gardens and Woodlands!!!

  4. Thank you for the beautiful photography and cinematography you create. And thank you for sharing your home and Jack (I love Jack!) with us. You inspire so many of us and give us hope as to what is still possible in restoring and living with Mother Earth in a positive, healthy, and loving relationship. You received a Powerful message from Mother Earth. A sign that “The Earth is Agreeing with you.” You made me believe that we can and should be bringing back places that have been abused and neglected and abandoned. You’re an amazing person. Your work is so important, and resonates with us all. Thank you so much for being who you are and doing exactly what you do.

  5. Thank you so much for this blog.A place of calm and re alignment, so many trees, so much good energy. 🙂 Hoping to move to Achill soon, and start anew.
    Bright blessings to you and Jack

  6. Yeah, I found you here. Thank you for Inviting us into your beautiful home and garden. It is very generous of you to share your time and knowledge with others. Peace be with you and Jack.

  7. Oh my gosh, what an amazing experience. I just love reading your posts and watching your YouTube channel, so beautiful and peaceful. I just want to come and live in your woods…lol I have a very small property, I live in a trailer at the base of the Colorado mountains. I love being out in my gardens, they are so full of life everyday. I have so many bees and dragonflies, squirrels, birds at my feeder and hummingbirds at their feeder. Lots of butterflies too. It is my happy place. Blessings and give Jack a sweet kiss on his head for me.

  8. Heh, well of course they came to pay a visit. 🙂 … you’ve opened the veil for them. There’s not a lot of places where humans dwell that they feel so welcomed. 🙂 … and it’s not just there at Bealtaine either, I suspect that wherever someone who has taken your message to heart and planted their own bit of land, even if it’s pots on a balcony, they will make themselves known there too. 🙂

  9. So nice to find you here in a peaceful troll-free zone, Colette. (I was kes S on YouTube.) The photographs are so beautiful in an occasionally slightly (but pleasantly) eerie way. I love the way you’re able to encounter all sorts of creatures — both tangible and otherworldly — without fear. You just meet and appreciate everything as it comes — with a wide-eyed and childlike acceptance.

  10. Beautiful pictures. My husband took a picture with strange shadows. The picture he took right before it of the same image was normal. We think it could have been a spirit considering we were at an abandoned asylum. Glad to hear you are enjoying life. Blessings to you and dear Jack.

  11. Goodness, how wonderful and inspiring. I love this format and you sound so relaxed. How it should be. Love and blessings from Germany – Liz

  12. What a magical encounter! I really appreciate you sharing this. I find your blog posts, photographs and videos very relaxing and restorative. Thank you for everything you do. Best wishes from the south coast of England.

  13. Hi Colette. Thank you for sharing that beautiful image. I have noticed that a couple of people who have gardening channels I follow on YouTube are starting to talk about ‘intuitive gardening’. Do you think the world might be beginning to catch on? Blessings to you and Jack. xx

    • It does appear to be so…many others are beginning to wake up and tune in to Mother Earth. She has been ignored for far too long and it’s about time people listened to Her…for this I am ever hopeful!

    • The internet is being taken over by the corporate elites…a private website, one which is owned by oneself and paid for privately will the last and only refuge of real information!

      • Thank you. Presently I am with WordPress which, presumably, is as controlled as any other platform. I shall endeavour to change to a private site. Any pointers you can offer me will be appreciated.

        • This is WordPress, but they have no jurisdiction over my website as I pay them privately both for hosting, (I need a lot of space as you can imagine!) and also for my Domain Name. The total cost is around €350 per year in total. This insures that I have 100% creative and content control!

  14. Hi Collette I really love this medium to communicate and lying here in hospital it helps transplant myself to your surrounds . The beautiful birdsong reminds me to tell you of I thought I had . I was sat looking at the robin on the calendar . I thought you know she so reminds me of a middle aged woman in a brown coat with a disapproving look called Edna . Oh my imagination, now I can’t unsee that image . I just love looking at that calendar as I go about my day

  15. Really enjoying the new posts and sound bytes on this webpage Colette. I was wondering what that stone is that was behind the wispy blue/white image. It looks very different to the other stones in the stone circle.
    I’ve had, throughout my life a strong feeling about the Rowan Tree, even had a friend called Rowan when I was very young. In the autumn finally acted on the instinctive desire to plant some. Sourced some seed here in NZ and have sown about a hundred seeds….waiting now for the spring to see how many come up. You’ve inspired me!!!
    Blessings xx

  16. How lovely to witness such a wonderful thing . Beltaine is blessed with so much magic , peace and beauty . I love the blogs Colette . Thank you . Blessings to you and darling Jack xxx

  17. My Mother always said “It is the living you need to fear not the departed” She was right.

  18. I have often wondered how many stones were in your circle and now I know! What a beautiful, sacred place you’ve created–and with your calm demeanor and reverence for Mother Earth it’s no wonder you had an encounter like this. BTW, I finished reading your lovely book, In Search of the Goddess Rising, and so enjoyed it. Your grandmother was quite a woman, wasn’t she. Much love to you and Mr. Jack.

  19. Looking at all your lovely photos, and listening to your stories calms me. It also makes me slow down and appreciate the natural beauty around me. You and Jack look to be so content there. I am sure the mists were past keepers of the land saying thank you for keeping it up. Kathy

  20. I have a rowan tree self planted on my little plot of land in New Zealand. Even before I started looking into my ancestry and finding Celtic on my Mum’s side, in my soul I knew the tree was important. More and more I feel the pull of the land and the Mother. Enjoy the bounty that you have assisted the Mother in growing and in enjoying the bounty I mean sharing with the creatures who have found the haven of Bealtaine Cottage. The blue wisp I hope is the ancestors being free enough to show themselves to you. It is mid Winter here and very cold and wet. Too cold for me to stay outdoors as my health would be compromised though I do go out and fill the birdfeeders. Spring I await you with open arms, Colette thank you for finding a safe way for us of kindred spirit to be together without the negative. Hugs to Jack. =-)

  21. Woah, That is beautiful. So blessed that you caught it on camera, but then again, even if you had not, it would have been an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing it with us all.
    Blessings on your day.

  22. That is so wonderful, Collette. I had a similar experience when visiting the stone circle that my cousin, Susie, had rebuilt at a local retreat center. She came very calmly and gently, and we were able to capture her, just as you did, in a few photos. We had gone there not long after her death, with her husband and daughter to spread some of her ashes. It was my first experience of this kind of visitation. I certainly hope it will not be my last. Wonders are all around us when we are awake enough to see…Blessings.

  23. Blessings to you on this beautiful, beautiful day. The blue light in the circle is intriguing. It is a portal there perhaps. xo

  24. May I ask what it was that you originally disturbed and felt necessary to appease? I am intrigued.
    Love all your videos and they are giving me ideas for what I wish to achieve on my 3 acres here in Brittany. My old longere was part of the farm for the ancient Abbey of Bon Repos and everyone remarks on the spiritual vibe. Behind us there is a ridge with three Neolithic tombs and to the front of us, in the distance, the vast and mysterious Quenecan Forest.Just wish I had moved here at an earlier age.
    Blessings to you and your lovely dog, Jack.

    • Thank you for helping to ground me at this different time. Your home is gorgeous and your blogs and videos are such a comfort when I feel the whole world has gone mad. I love to see Jack, he reminds me of my dog, Taz, who passed away last year.
      I too have been looking at a simply way to live for quite some time. I have turned my allotment into a forest garden and grow lots in my very small back yard and garden of my terrace house. I’ve been smudging with mugwort smudge sticks I made last year, and I’ve been going to the ancient buriel mounds on the moors close to where I live as close as I can to Sabbaths and full moon, and giving thanks to the goddess.
      Today my boyfriend (he’s 50, so not quite a boy, but is one at heart) decided that we would definitely move into a canal boat once our children are older and live the ‘slow’ life. Both of us have worked through the plandemic and it has been extremely difficult, and we’ve made the decision that we don’t want to be part of the rat race for much longer.
      We walked along the canal today, it was raining all day, we managed to forage lots of wild mushrooms and we ate raspberries and wild strawberries that we picked at the side of the path. We wandered into the woods and felt a beautiful energy there, it felt like we’d come home.
      I’ve been following you for some time and have read your books. Thank you for everything you do. You’re such an inspiration.

    • I have spoken about the experience before in previous videos and blogs and will elucidate further and in deserved detail in my book. It will be published next month, all being well.

  25. Waw, what a blessing and dear gift to see this blue lightbeing in your paradise. And thank you so much for sharing!

  26. Thank you for sharing this enchanted place that you have co created. You have made a wonderland where other beings feel welcomed and loved. It is an honour to be able to share it with you. In this strange world we inhabit ,yours seems so gentle and nurturing.

  27. Hi Colette – love following your videos – like you I worked in London in the 1970’s – I worked at Admiralty House in the Communications Centre as I was in the Womens Royal Naval Service – I had previously lived in a small village in Fife Scotland and a month after my 17th birthday I joined the WRNS
    I married a sailor and we have 4 children & 7 grandchildren now !
    You are a wonderful shining light in a world that can seem so dark at times – it’s amazing what you have achieved – I have such respect for what has been achieved at Bealtaine
    Keep inspiring us to do our little bits of loving Mother Earth
    Love & blessings to you & dear Jack

  28. I enjoy the website as a platform for sharing Bealtaine. The photos you place in between the words provide natural pauses to reflect upon, and absorb, the words you are sharing. It’s a slower and more pensive, deliberate form of communication. (Though I do enjoy the wider panorama gained from the YouTube videos too). However you choose to share your journey with us we are grateful. Blessings.x

    • Thank you Louise! I enjoy all forms of communication and the video platform will remain…as well as writing and posting and podcasting on here…busy life for me! Blessings

  29. What a beautiful place for such an encounter! I love it when I “bump into” another dimension! Blessings from Ohio, USA by the beautiful shores of Lake Erie!

  30. Your sound is wonderful. I heard everything but the dog barking. Really I felt as though I was walking with you & Jack. I could hear you walking & the water sounded cool & refreshing. First time I have ever used this kind of communication. Would you call this a pod cast?

  31. This is such a gentle way to connect with people Colette. Less anxiety. You never know the freedom you feel from the things you leave behind. I had a blog many years ago on WordPress and have set up again to join you. Feel the spirits guiding you as they drop in from time to time.

  32. Blue healing light. What a gift! Do you feel this was a blessing from the Sidhe Fae? Everything is so lovely and lush now, reminding of the earth’s abundance when we honor and work with her. Blessings to you and Jack. xoxo

    • All abundance on this Sacred Earth is energised by the spirits around us. They delight in a place where they can be free. They avoid all monoculture of land and mind.

  33. The spirits are happy there! Perhaps they were saying hello and thanking you for your hard work, sacrifice, and love for Mother Earth! I love this “platform” too, but with my internet, it takes a bit to load. Good things are worth waiting for! Blessings to you and Jack! No reply necessary! Thank you!

  34. So so magical and serene..
    The otherworld is very much alive Colette..
    Blessings )o( xx

  35. What a fantastic encounter Colette! You are very blessed at Bealtaine cottage I am sure. Goddess blessings to you and that lovely Jackie boy xxx

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