When The Light Holds Sway!


The days leading up to Lughnasadh are often a reminder of what lies ahead. Oftentimes rain and grey sky prevail, making the cottage more like the cave it becomes in late Autumn and Winter.DSC04519

This cave-like view from the back door seems to sum it up!DSC04518

However, the flowers on display offer a reminder that Summer continues to hold sway in the shadows cast by the Lughnasadh light.DSC04516

And it is quite mesmeric just how the dimming light brings paintings to life. Art galleries would be so much more alive if natural light was the way of illumination…DSC04513

The way that still life can capture real life…DSC04511

…and flowers can create added dimension to a painting. DSC04509

Even my fairy doll seems to breathe despite her dusty mantle!DSC04507

For me, the light is all! This was the way my ancestors marked time and place. The changing light was their anchor for each day, each season…even the night sky shone time and place for them!DSC04508

My book is near to an end. I had promised myself Lughnasadh as a point of birth, before the Celtic New Year of Samhain and it is almost ready for the printers in my local town to take charge of the next part of its journey into the light.DSC04506

I am designing the cover, as I have done for all my work. Once I am happy with it I shall put it up on this website for preorder. In this way I can set to address the envelopes in which it will begin it’s final journey from Bealtaine Cottage to you.DSC04505

In the meantime, harvests are to be reaped, with equal amounts left for the life around me, for it is this growing life that has energised and nurtured me.DSC04503

My trusty friend, Jack, has watched the changing light with me, sitting at my feet wherever I rest.DSC04501

The growing fertility of the land has drawn my physical energies out into the enchantment of the woodland.DSC04499

The delight of rain caught for a moment on leaves, again a reminder of the power of the light.DSC04494DSC04491DSC04489

Hooks that were set down in preparation for another task, now rusted and forgotten as time moved on.DSC04487

Young grapes waiting patiently for the rain of Lughnasadh to plump them and the late Summer sun to hasten them for eating.DSC04486

And even the tiniest of spiders holding sway in the fading light.DSC04485DSC04482Buddleia with its splashes of vibrant shades of purple brightens up the cottage! it’s a day to light the stove simply to keep the damp at bay! And tea…lots of tea…


While outside the Sedum is neutral whilst waiting for its colour to be bestowed by Autumn…and why it’s called Autumn Joy!

(Sedum Autumn Joy. Sedum Autumn Joy will bring fabulous colour to a mixed border or cottage garden in late summer. It produces neat clumps and long-lasting vivid flowers. A great plant for suppressing weeds and growing between gaps in pavements. Sedums are highly attractive to butterflies and insects.)DSC04473DSC04472

Cotoneaster is heavy with berries throughout the woodland gardens and around the cottage…this one grows up the corner of the cottage near the barn.

Blessings of Lughnasadh to you XXX


  1. Hi Collete, i recieved three of your books in the post yesterday, just preordered the latest. Thank you for providing us with beautiful photos and your wonderful observations of Bealtaine Cottage and the delightful little world you have created there. You are an inspirationto all like minded to create their own little sanctuarynas respite from the busy modern world. I watch one of your videos before going to bed, your voice is so calminfg and relaxing i sleep much better.

  2. Blessings from Aotearoa New Zealand to You Colette … You inspire me so much , I even “popped over” in meditation about a MOONth ago … today was a lovely break from the rains here ..the Golden Orb even popped His head out ..as I stood basking in the Glory of the Golden rays , I stood so still I spotted about 20 wee Skinks also basking in the Winter Sun which made me smile ..then I turned to see the Freesias squeezing to open a bud …almost squealed with Joy …love how We can all be connected here from around Our Great Mother ..Blessed Be Grizi xx Woof to Jack

  3. To have such a magical view, to live and love Mother Earth, to appreciate the abundance around us, to just be in the moment- you always show me what I need to focus on. My focus has been on lupus, chronic pain and weird autoimmunes. I think becoming vegan, planting my feet on the ground, getting away from all the negativity on TV and social media who start healing me. Thank you.

    • Good woman! It will help you to take as much control of your own health as is possible! Try to keep away from processed food and drink lots of herbal teas and good water.

  4. Beautiful words & pictures marking such a significant time of year. The colours of the flowers are like jewels on dark velvet. Something to cherish.
    I thought of you yesterday here in Fremantle when I was given cuttings of Warrigal Greens. I’ll plant them this rainy morning in the hopes of spreading new life in my garden.
    Blessings to you & Jack.
    Michele x

  5. The photography is beautiful along with the wise descriptions. I will be ordering your new book for it’s transforming wisdom. I’ve so enjoyed the others. Blessings to you and dear Jack.

  6. Beautiful photos and words , yes the light is changing as the wheel turns . Blessings to you and darling Jack xxx

  7. I was commenting on the change in the light to my husband while we were out walking our dog today. There is a definite change and one that I love.
    I am very excited for your new book. It will be a treat to read in the coming autumn days.
    Blessings to you on this lovely day xx

  8. Hi Colette, I have been following your website, one way or another, for many years. I love returning and reading about what you have achieved. It is truly inspirational to see the changes at Bealtaine, the planting, the growth, the sheer love you pour into it and into the Earth and the Goddess. When I need somewhere calm and soul soothing I go to Bealtaine. Thank you so very much for sharing your home. Bright blessings to you and Jack. X

  9. I am so so glad that you are doing more posts on your website. I have followed you here for a number of years. I have printed out many of your posts and keep them in a folder and when I need inspiration, a dose of calm or sheer comfort I turn to these. From them I have found new writers: other kindred spirits who care about the Earth and the future, and writers about the old ways like Alice Taylor whom I would never have discovered anywhere else.

    I value your plain common sense way of looking at things – something that is not often heard in the mainstream media these days. I truly think that we are living in an era of “Emperor’s New Clothes” – so frazzled and bewildered by modern life that we don’t discern anymore what is useful or what is real or what is threatening and nod and smile and accept everything we are given.

    Thank you for what you do and what you represent – the voice of truth.

    And love to your beautiful sidekick Jack whose eyes could melt the sternest heart,

  10. A beautiful post Colette, your comforting words and beautiful photographs sum up the beginning of lughnasadh. The decent into the soft days of autumn are a complete joy to me, I’m looking forward to the book. lughnasadh blessings to you and Jack 🧡xx

  11. Happy early Autumn. The berries, beans, new potatoes and corn are in abundance….freezing kale and basil pesto whilst still in lockdown. The light changes moment to moment, to moment as Gaia blesses her children lovingly. How beautiful light is.

  12. Your home and garden is so very lovely and welcoming. Always a pleasure to see and read what is happening in your garden. Thanks For Sharing and Blessings🤗💜

  13. Gorgeous photos and words to accompany them. Just the other day, I was out in the garden very early (the only civilized time during high summer here) and I was suddenly hit by the feeling of changed light…there was something in the air that spoke of autumn, even though it’s still eleventy-billion degrees Celsius. I don’t do well in the heat so it was a welcome message…a promise….that cooler days are ahead.

  14. As Colette, another powerfully beautiful post.😘 I think the same as you, natural light creates such magic and the simple things, even rusty hooks have a certain beauty of their own. Love to you and Jack.xx 💐💜

  15. Beautiful photos and sentiments, here in NZ there are signs that spring is near. I grabbed a cutting of a hebe today that was growing in the car park lol I thought of you and your foraging. It made me smile to see yours in a vase all the way over in the West of Ireland. Do you ever get seeds develop on your cordylines ? I saw it was in magnificent flower in one of your videos, then the flower head was gone in another. Blessings to you and Jack xxx

  16. What a beautiful post, Colette—photographs and words. How I love the light, and the colours! Looking forward to ordering your new book. Val, at JoieduSoleil

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