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Walking Between Worlds ~ The latest book from Bealtaine Cottage

This book represents a journey into the world of Ireland’s mystical people; the Tuatha de Danann, the people of the Otherworld, their mysterious origins, arrival in Ireland and final transmigration to the Sidhe…the Fairies! This book is currently being prepared for print here in Ireland and will be posted from the last week of August. This is a special preorder facility, ensuring your book will be posted in the first delivery on August 28th 2020. Price includes all P&P Worldwide!



Thank you for your enduring patience as I worked to get this long-awaited book to fruition! Happy to announce that “Walking Between Worlds” is finally ready to preorder. This book will be ready to post out on the 28th of August.


  1. My “Walking Between Worlds” was waiting in the letter box when I got back from a week in Auckland with the grandchildren. I am so excited to be able to devour it and relish time to do so. Many, many thanks for all of what you do for our dear Mother Earth.
    Marion Saunders (NZ)

  2. Hi Colette, I have been putting off ordering the preorder because of the postal difficulties to New Zealand but have just listened to you you tube reading. Am I too late to get posted in Nth Ireland with the others? If I am too late would you hold on to it until there is another posting. I am happy to forward extra to cover the extortionate postal charges and am so looking forward to being able to have a read of it,especially after the reading! But i can wait if I have to. Thanks for what you do bringing much delight and wisdom in a world lacking both at the moment.

  3. The intersection of history and the magic in our lives is bound to be a beautiful journey. I very much look forward to what I believe will be a much needed and precious experience.

  4. Book ordered !! I am so looking forward to reading this book Colette. One day I will make it over to beautiful Ireland. I watch all your videos and find them calming and inspiring. Thank you for showing us how fabulous the world is Colette and love to Jack. Debbie xx

  5. Hi, Colette – as so many others have shared, I am deeply looking forward to ‘Walking Between Worlds’ and have placed my pre-order today. With gratitude and blessings for all you share so generously with us,

  6. I’m so looking forward to reading your “Walking Between Worlds”, and just placed my pre-order:)
    Your life at Bealtaine Cottage, and the ways you share it with all of us, are a rare and wonderful gift which I appreciate so much, Colette! Can you please sign the book for me? Thank you, from Val.

  7. Happy Lughnasadh Colette!
    I have just ordered Walking Between Worlds as an uplifting treat for myself, and I am thrilled 🙂 🙂 🙂
    As always, I am sending along my deepest most heartfelt gratitude for all of the inspiration, illumination, and co-creation that you are helping to spread worldwide.

    Wishing you much love and laughter in the days and years to come… enjoy the light!

  8. Your videos are solace and succor, a place of refuge and renewal. I watch each one and delight in your work with Gaiea Sophia. I am looking forward to your new book. Just pre-ordered 2: one for me and one for a sister. Blessings Abound!

  9. I finally put my pre-order in for your new book and really looking forward to read it now .

  10. Just completed the Pre-order. Congratulations Collette on nurturing this work to fruition, I look forward to immersing myself in it. Beautiful cover btw.


  11. Good Morning, Colette!! I put my preorder in yesterday and was so focused on following all the right steps, I didn’t think to ask you to please sign it. Is it too late to request that? No worries if it is, but if you can without too much bother I’d love it!!

  12. Dear Colette, your writings are great. Can you also recommend some interesting references to ‘permaculture goddess’?

  13. I have just placed my pre-order. Can you sign it for me please Colette. Send my love to Jack.x

  14. I just placed my pre-order and am really looking forward to reading this. Not only do I enjoy your work, but am also extremely interested in the topic. Congratulations (albeit slightly in advance) for the completion of this book!

  15. Just put my order in and am excited to read your book. I just saw The Secret of Roan Inish which gave me such a palpable feeling of having a foot in two worlds. Personally, I’ve not felt threatened by possible encounters. My sense is that they, like all life, are to be respected and treated respectfully but that fear wasn’t called for. I don’t really know much about it so look forward to what you have to say!!

  16. Looking forward to your new book Colette, also it’s about one of my favourite subjects.. The Fae. Your an inspiration to many near and far. Many Blessings to you and to Jack xx

  17. I have preordered the new book! Yay! You are a friend I’ve never met but know well. Thanks to your blog, YouTube and books. It is very inspiring to me, on my two acres alone, to learn from someone similar to me in age and situation who is not just enduring but is thriving. Thank you for what and all you do. God bless you. -Karen (the American) England

  18. I was finally able to pay for the book. My PayPal was acting wacky. With that in mind please let me know if you didn’t receive it properly. Give Jack a hug for me. Love the boy. And you too of course.

  19. Just pre-ordered your new book Colette. It will be something for me to look forward to reading in the autumn. The cover is wonderful! I want to walk into the image! x

  20. Very excited – pre-ordered this morning! Hopefully post to Oz is back on. 💕🦋

  21. Just pre-ordered and so looking forward to reading walking between worlds, congratulations Collette and blessings to you and jack

  22. I am so grateful Colette to be Walking Between the Worlds with you, Jack and our extended Bealtaine community. Thank you for hearing our Ancestors’ call and scribing their words. Words that arise from our Mother Earth herself for her children during these uncertain times.
    Blessings upon us all!
    Please see my email which includes my new postal address.

  23. What a nice surprise to wake up to! Looking forward to reading this magical book.
    Thankyou for all you do Collette…. Peaceful Blessings to you and dear Jack 💕🙏💕

  24. I have just pre ordered you book, I am looking forward to reading it and was wondering if you could sign it for me.
    Many thanks, Jessica.

  25. Dear Colette, It is so exciting to be able to get another of your books! I just preordered it!! Will you please sign it for me ? I thank you very much in advance! Vel

  26. Another book to add to my shelf. I’ve been reading the myths, and can’t wait to delve into your book.

  27. Hi Colette,
    I find your process of writing, publishing and distribution absolutely inspiring- long may your success continue ,
    Blessings on this book, and all your endeavours x

    • Thank you Breda…as some who refuses to host advertising on any of my social media, I am happy to walk the walk and keep my books locally printed and locally posted…Goddess permaculture at best I think! Blessings X

  28. Dear Colette, just placed the preorder. Am so happy to read your new book soon. Would be very honored if you can sign it for me. You are one of my heroes and an inspiration every day. Just love your calm and steady wisdom and the way you share your rich life with humor. Thank you so much for what you give to humanity! Blessings to you and Jack xxx❤️🐬

      • Hi again Colette, yes indeed a long-time and happy follower of Bealtaine Cottage! I have had this message from PayPal today (26.7.2020):

        On 25 July 2020, £26.67 GBP was preauthorized for a purchase on your card XXX. If it isn’t completed or it’s completed for a different amount, any pending amounts will drop off, usually within a day.

        Not quite sure what this means, but if possible can you do whatever it is you do to confirm the order! Many blessings to you and Jack. xxx

        • I am not sure what has happened here! The payment cam through from PP blank! However, when I checked on PP site it appeared to have been paid…so I sent you a confirmation email as I do with all purchases. Don’t worry…your book is in the envelope pile and will be posted!

  29. Just ordered your new book Colette look for wood to receiving it thank you for wonderful videos watch them in the evening and go to bed relaxed and content blessing to you and jack god bless xxx

  30. The cover is amazing and reaches my soul I can identify with it. Enjoyed all your other books so I know this will not disapoint.

  31. Just placed my pre-order and looking forward to receiving this much awaited book. Well done Colette x

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