1. Dearest Colette, I maybe going out in limb with this comment & do respect your privacy, but I do miss seeing your beautiful face, hearing your voice & wisdom & catching up on your wonderful garden at this time. .I’m starting to have withdrawals not seeing you on YouTube & since I don’t subscribe to Facebook I’m concerned because it has been a long time to this day. I hope I;m not being unkind inquiring about how you & Bealtaine Cottage are coming along. With Samhain not to far away I will have Jack in thought & prayers along with pictures of my relative’s & friends who made their transition at ritual in their honor, I MISS YOU & JACK,

  2. Dear Collete, so sorry to hear of your beloved Jack’s passing he was a true companion.


  3. My heart is broken in so many ways and now we’ve lost our dear Jack. Like so many, I am sending love and light to you.
    I believe that Jack was the most beloved dog in the world.

  4. Ohh I’m so upset to read this.. sitting here crying my heart is breaking for you. Please try to take special care of yourself

  5. Very sorry to hear about your loss. Jack seemed like a very sweet and happy dog. I’m certain he had a lovely life with you in your peaceful home.

  6. My heart is with you, dear friend….
    Master Jack will always be a special part of Bealtaine Cottage, and he is most certainly watching over you. I had to gently ask my sweet Darby James to wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge on April 1, 2016. It was the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever done, but in my heart of hearts…. it was the right decision. Jack will be waiting for you, and that you can rely on! I send all my love, thoughts & prayers. Blessings to you always, Colette.

  7. Dearest Colette, when the unthinkable happens to a beloved pet like beautiful Jack it’s more than heartbreaking. I am so sorry. Take your time to heal from your loss. We who follow loved Jack and will miss him too, he was such a wonderful, beloved companion and a joy to see at your side. Our hearts go out to you. Love and hugs xxx

  8. Dear Colette, my heart breaks for the loss of your wonderful companion Jack. His spirit lives on with you there and also in our hearts as well. We grieve with you during this time. I shall light a candle in remembrance of him and also plant a tree in my woodland in his name. What a wonderful life he lived with you in the magical garden. Blessings my dear.

  9. Dear Collette just sitting thinking about why you have not been on you tube for the last few weeks and I thought I will have to look you up here to see if things are ok and have just read about Jack I am so sorry he is such a wonderful happy little spirt and he won’t be far away from you in his next journey he will be with you always in your heart and in the wind whispering around your beutifull garden xxxx all my love Karen Skinner xx

  10. Dear Colette, I really don’t know what to write here, the loss of your Jack must be devastating and I am crying doing this. I hope the love and heartfelt messages you are receiving show you how much people care, and help a bit in this very hard time for you. Your Jack will always be with you Colette, sending you warm thoughts, deepest sympathy and much love x

  11. My goddess Colette I was in shock when I read your post about Jack.s transition Tuesday. I was very sad to hear this that I couldn’t consecrate while at Zoom class. I only wished I could have been there to give you a 🤗 hug & comfort you. I know what pain one feels because I just went through it last year with my Guy. Now I understand why I haven’t seen you on YouTube &I miss your video’s. Take your time & I’ll be waiting for you when your read to come back. Jack is now in spirit with Sammy Bear & Beauty running around the Fairy garden. Goddess Bless

  12. Dear Colette, I want to wrap my arms around you and give you such a big loving hug. I feel your pain. Jack was a very special dog, we will all miss him. Thinking of you and sending my sincere condolences. Love and blessings, Lesley McKay

  13. I am so sorry for your loss Colette, Jack was so adorable, we will all miss him. Sending you lots of love and please take care x

  14. Dear Collette my heart aches for you and Jacks passing. My dogs are my constant companions and mean the world to me. You are in my heart and thoughts at this very sad time. De-aren

  15. So sorry, Jack was amazing. I am sat here sobbing at your news. I have now had the pleasure of loving and sharing life with three beautiful dogs and two cats their passing has never got any easier with each one. After my last dog I didn’t believe that another would ever measure up so I took ten years before getting my current dog, what I discovered is that she is just different but equally as amazing and I wish that I had trusted that this would be so. Anyone who has a kind heart has an obligation to offer a beautiful dog a home but we also deserve the pure unending love that only a dog can give. Excuse the rant, you are a beautiful soul who has offered so much to so many and you should never be alone. Jack will be forever remembered because of all of the inspirational videos. Some of my favourites are Jack’s story and ones where you are filming and suddenly you see Jack watching the traffic down the drive and you suddenly start shouting Jack, Jack, come here, these one’s particularly made me chuckle as my own dog has collie in her and I know how single minded they can be. Much love and healing.

  16. Dear Colette, I know how this gap hurts. There are never right words to be found and I only can hope that the loved ones are around you now. I am thinking a Lot about your loss the last days;you both always seemed like you have searched for each other.Your path together was written down before you found each other. And I am sure he is still by your side, maybe unseen but I asume felt with every inch of your heart. Jack have had a wonderful life , he was a lucky one and you too. Blessings to you and Jack

  17. Jack was so special and knew the love and happiness found in a strong relationship with Mother Earth and you. His devotion to you was palpable even through the ether.

    Your shared love will continue as you embrace the memories of your life together. Take solace. I’m sending prayers and energies for comfort. Blessings wrap you and bring you peace.

  18. I was in my spring garden yesterday being serenaded by my wind chimes and was remembering with a smile the wonderful times we had with Jack over the years.

    Blessings and prayers for this period of grieving for your dear boy. May you find peace and healing from being held in the arms of our dear Mother. Another part of the journey.

  19. Dearest Colette,

    Please know that you are in my thoughts as you travel the path of loss and eventual healing. There are no correct words to mend a broken heart but I do hope you feel the presence of the Goddess and the warm blessings being sent your way. Jack always brought a smile to my face when watching your videos…what a sweet, sweet soul he is. He’s still with you, dearest Colette.
    My most heartfelt condolences to you, always 💓

  20. So sorry for your loss of beautiful Jack.He was such a big part of your life at Bealtaine Cottage, and was loved by all of your followers too. He will forever be part of the wonderful place you have created .Sending love and healing energy to you from here in Newark.

  21. Oh! No! my dear Collette..So sorry to hear this My heart goes out to you. He was a dear companion and my heart is aching for you. I loved watching you and Jack and all your walks together. He will always be with you in spirit Love to, Judi Murray Abbot Me USA

  22. Dear Colette,
    You have my deepest and heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your beloved Jack. I feel so fortunate to have met you both in 2018 when we shared the joy that is your Bealtaine Cottage.
    Much love,
    Michael O’Brien
    Valley Head,AL, USA

  23. All my deepest condolences Collette. I’m so sorry for Jack leaving your family for a short time. There are no words anyone could offer that can take away the pain but I believe he was an exceptionally happy companion and knows how much and how well you love him. Hearts knit together for eternity by love. X

  24. I’m so sorry. He will be forever part of you and Bealtaine and Bealtine and you will be ever part of beautiful Jack xxx Alison Margaret

  25. I am so very saddened to hear this Collette. Jack was a very lucky dog to have lived such a beautiful life with you at Bealtaine Cottage. I know how much you will miss him. Hugs.

  26. My heart hurts for you! Jack seemed like such a sweet doggie. His lovely little face and his wagging tail was a joy to watch when you two went on your walks. In fact, it was because of watching what a good dog he was, that this life long cat person adopted two pups. Hugs to you!

  27. Oh Collette, I am so sad to hear this. We are grieving along with you.What a friendship you two had and I loved to watch his “happy dance” when you were recording. The sign of a happy and contented dog! Never to be forgotten.

  28. Dear sweet Colette, I cannot begin to tell you how very sorry I am. I will remember you in my prayers. Jack was the sweetest dog you could ever hope for! We will all miss him sorely.

  29. So sorry Colette, I even loved him from afar. His energy that he shared with the land will remain and I feel he will continue to watch over you. ❤️

  30. Dear Colette, everyone here has expressed their condolences in much the same way that I feel about Jack. I so enjoyed watching his gentle, expressive face and how he so loved you. He will remain in our fond memories. May your grief be assuaged some by knowing we grieve with you. Hugs NVB

  31. Oh my gosh, Colette…So terribly sorry for your loss!! I cried and cried when I heard the news!! That Jack was such a character!! He had such a huge personality!! I send my deepest sympathy with much light and healing energy for you at this time!!

  32. Dear Colette, l want to wrap my arms around you and give you such a big loving hug.
    l feel your pain.
    Jack was a very special dog,we will all miss him so much.
    Thinking of you and sending my sincere condolences.
    Love and Blessings
    Lesley Mckay xx

  33. I am immensely sorry for your loss Colette.I am having such a very difficult time, as well as I know many others are, trying to wrap their heads around such incredibly sad news,for we all loved Mr. Jack.Please if there is anything you need, do not hesitate to reach out.

  34. Having watched your progress throughout the years Jack became part of my life too. I shall certainly miss his presence, he had such a lovely demeaner.

  35. I am so sorry Colette. Words cannot even begin to convey the overwhelming sadness of losing such a beautiful soul. Jack was a special dog that brought so much joy to you and to all of us. The bond you two shared was palpable to all that have loved watching and listening to you at Bealtaine Cottage. Our furry loves, create a life that’s filled with more joy and certainty than we can ever begin to provide for ourselves. It’s as if a human life struggles to be perfect but the life of a dog can easily accomplish this feat. All they need is food, shelter, and our love and we have the means to give them all three. In exchange, we receive their unconditional love and the knowledge that we helped create a little more joy in the universe. They grace us with their presence and we are better off for this love and companionship. Our hearts are with you and Jack. He was such a ray of light. Thank you Jack for bringing such laughter and joy into Colette’s life and us who watch vicariously from far away. Take care dear Colette. Our arms are wrapped around you.
    ” The bond with a dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be.”
    By Konrad Lorenz

    • My heart is broken for you, Colette. He was an exceptional dog. Thank you for sharing him with us these past years. Sending loving energy. x

  36. So very sorry for the loss of Jack,, he was more human then dog. Wonderful companion, well Jack made us so happy to see with you daily. Tears and sadness.

    Take care, Love Carolann

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