1. Loved your podcast and the previous one. Love your channel.
    In my country (USA) it has recently come to my awareness that the fascist movement currently gaining strength and the institutions that support it, are striving to return the society and economy to the state that existed in the Middle Ages.
    Through observing their policies and actions and rhetoric, I’ve concluded they want to decimate (literally) the population and shift 99.9% of the wealth to the top .1%. They’re well on their way to succeeding and the majority of the society is stunningly ignorant.
    As a social studies teacher, I feel as if I have failed my students miserably as so many are willing to jump right on the fascism bandwagon.
    I am so grateful my mortgage is nearly paid off and then I will be debt free and feeling much more secure.

  2. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and the facts that are ahead of us all …be a warrior not a worrier is my mind set..there are so many like minded people in world who feel the same ,manifestation and positivity and stay awake to what’s going on…blessings Colette 🥰🙏

  3. When there is a power vacuum, I think the military will take over in the USA and we’ll be living under martial law ( which will be called something more “sugar-coated ” by the media). I have no fear of this being imminent, however, as the public, at least in my area, still believes media narratives and the corporate run, agenda- minded news outlets.

  4. Good evening to you!
    I am so happy to hear your view of the state of society today. Following you on YT It makes so much sense that you also see clearly what has gone wrong. I think that we absolutely must look in the rearmirror, adjust our path and choose the right way to live on this beautiful planet. It seems that the powers of the world are aiming for total control of the very gifts every living being on this planet is entitled to. They are against all that is natural and they do not respect the natural laws. Can we become smarter and get to work and stop being controled and ””cared” for ? Perhaps we need to grow up? I admit it is a bit bumpy right now but it will be better soon! Meanwhile I grow my garden and I try to learn something new every day: listening to your podcast is one of them !
    Looking forward to the next: love your integrity and last but not least: Blessings to you from Sweden!

  5. Thank you Colette for your mindfulness and for your candor. I am here in the USA, where corporations not only are considered more important than the individual but control and run our government, maybe a bit behind the scenes , maybe not, but we have lost our individualization, we are invisible. Live simply and love out loud.
    Thank you, Connie, Albuquerque, NM, USA

  6. Thank you Colette. I have listened to both 1 & 2. Wise words. I love when you talk about your ancestors. I too – grew up with strong female ancestors and hear their wisdom and feel their love; daily. I am also grateful that I know how to live simply. Don’t get me wrong – I love nice things. But I also know how to appreciate the beauty of nature and of everyday things. I am grateful that I owner-financed my property 4 years ago at a low; locked-in interest rate. Many folks do not realize that there are creative ways to purchase property. I was taught by the best. LOL Over the years; I have tried to pay it forward – in my little community. Especially in times like these – thinking outside of the box; is useful. Of couse now – you are right! We are in crunch time. Thank you for teaching the simple ways to live. You are a bright light in my day. Blessings, Dear One.

  7. Colette, Thank you for your wise words. These posts from you are a good reminder to be aware of our surroundings, and heed what goes on in the world, for it is all connected, and all of our lives are affected by the chaos.

  8. Thank you Colette, listening intently from America. Your words, your life mission at Bealtaine, are a grounded comfort.

  9. Good evening to you Colette, thank you for your recorded blog, very interesting indeed.
    It has and still is a cooperate world for many years. It’s the changes that are happening is making more people aware of this. Power and greed men who want to take over, control whichever country.
    As for the TVprogrames cheap trash and game shows constant repeats not to mention the commercial ads enticing people to live above their financial means..
    As many of us are nature friendly and do what needs to be dome growing our own food wherever possible, this helps, communities are sharing excess from individual allotments, so much is being done, hardly gets a mention the generosity of the people, reports are all doom and gloom. Life isn’t like that. When we have to we pull together .
    Hugs and blessings🌹💚

  10. I have just listened to Parts 1 and 2 back to back. Wise words Colette, and as ever, plenty of food for thought. Thank you and blessings.

  11. Dear Colette. You have inspired many people around the world with your wisdom and commitment to our only Earth and i am one of your devoted followers in Australia. I am inspiredt to live my life following your teachings and also have love for all life in my garden and try to spread the word. The world needs more people like you. Thank you. Helga.

  12. Oh good heavens Colette. The truth in your words. However do we stop this awful mess ? The misery that human beings are suffering. Those who are saving people lives and being paid a pittance where come the cold months we have to prioritise between keeping a roof over our heads, food and warmth.
    Keeping the corporations happy who are getting fat on massive profits whilst every day just being told how much more we will pay for the basics of keeping warm is terrifying. How much worse when the time comes ? What can we do ? Bless you 💕

    • The best we can do is to be aware, plan for the worst so as we are not caught off guard, strengthen our networks and be fearless! Envision oneself as a strong warrior at all times and that strength will manifest in your being! Victims are not created but allowed to develop in our consciousness!

  13. Colette you are so right in all you are saying. I just wish more people would take on board what is right under the noses but they are being brainwashed on all fronts,

  14. Oh yes, we are a mess here is the true north strong and free. I grew up with a dad who had ptsd from the last world war…. I know too many here who have never recovered… and may it never occur again

    My grandma said, “Always keep your head about you” … 🙂

    • Again, thanks Colette.
      How about … when people loose faith in their leaders some ( and yes, the problem is, not enough ) people envisage / envision / enact freedom from ( unworthy ) l’eaders’ and choose self sufficienctcy / autonomy, for themselves, their street, their community, their natural catchment of communities. How about that, over chaos?

  15. your whole address was “spot on”. Here in the USA we have truly almost impossible to believe problems with government. Thankfully our home has no mortgage, we’ve lived here 59 years.
    Talking of TV we have so many trees we receive no service during leaf season. No loss.
    Your whole conversation was so accurate and interesting.
    We often don’t realize fascism when it staring us in the face.

  16. Thank you for your well-stated thoughts. My country has been on a bad road in the last 40+ years in terms of government and corporations being bedfellows. So, today and every day, I live your advice: in times of destruction, create. I’ve created fall garden beds and harvested potatoes. The appreciation of such is true wealth. May all come to see. ❤️

  17. Good Evening dear Colette
    You are so right With your wird’s.
    Blessings and greetings from Daggy Kiel Germany ☘️☘️☘️

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