1. The times are getting harder to be able to control your own life..we must stay calm and focused…The powers that be will relish in keeping us dependant on them for every thing from food ..health. energy for heating etc …we must take responsibility now for our survival…grow some of our own food and share allotments etc..look after each other …we have been led into a false sense of security which in turn is not solely of our doing …hoodwinked and bombarded with total subliminal distractions while they compile the final GRAB…
    There is an old saying from mediaeval times .

    ‘The government or powers that be should be afeared of the people not the people be afeared…of the government there are more of us…if we choose not to be governed !
    Thank you for sharing Colette…
    hang on in there folks .🙏🥰

  2. I would like to know what exactly we should be doing during this time of crisis, other than just staying calm. I hope you will be addressing this in your future podcasts, Colette, as I think you are very wise, and a great guide for us during the difficult times ahead. I very much appreciate everything you share with us!

  3. We have each other and there are many of us. What the elites, the corporations and those that rule fear the most is us, because we out now number them and in truth we are more powerful then they are as a united front. Don’t be greedy like them, give to charities, donate clothes, practice daily acts of kindness, pay for the persons shopping at the supermarket when they haven’t got enough money to pay, donate to food banks, help your elderly neighbour with chores, get together and pay for a bill or rent that friends, family or neighbors can’t pay for on their own, take a meal around, mow a lawn, donate firewood. Buy local, support local businesses. Look around and see how you can help. We don’t need as much stuff as we think, there is enough to go around if people aren’t greedy and blinded by consumerism. As soon as we stop buying their crap, practice kindness and care and look out for each other, it’s all over for the elites, the corporations and the corrupt governing and ruling entities. It’s that simple. Localise and resist centralisation. Keep the power in your communities, look after each other, solve your own problems. We don’t do that now. People think of themselves as individuals, what I want, what I need, what I can get. No. When another suffers, we all suffer because essentially we are all human beings, different but the same. If we can’t recognise that, that’s when the elites win because they have separated us. The good news story here is that it’s up to us. We can choose to unite or stay separate, scared, lonely, helpless, debased, confused. Be vocal and demand to be heard. Or vote with your feet. Support that which nourishes your communities, not the big corporations, but local, social just and ethical business. I see a bright future because at the end of the day I have faith that we will remember our humanity and choose the human, the heart led and the divine feminine way. I pray everyday for this to be so and I know how powerful prayer is, focussed attention and intent in dreaming our future into reality. 💕💐🐝

    • I think that is a brilliant piece of advice for us all. I’m sure we will succeed as we all look to the future in the same way. Blessings to you & yours ❤️

  4. Hi Collette I much admire your intelligence on our planet and I follow your fantastic videos on Bealtaine cottage, but please, relay some ‘highs’ on life to give is hope for the future……. difficult request I realise. Many Blessings to you

  5. When they have used up all of Mother Earth’s natural resources, they will “grab” our bodies through nanotechnology and the” internet of bodies”. This is called the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and the “Future of Work”. I’ve been researching it for the last year. It all stems from MIT and the US military. The goal is to manipulate people through technology in order to run a one world government AI system. It is a digital prison for mankind. According to them, we don’t need to own anything because we don’t need anything. Everything we need is in the Metaverse. I never wanted to know about this stuff, but you can’t unsee it happening before your very eyes. If enough of us stay awake and aware, we can stop it.

    Once again, Colette, you have called it. Thank you for sharing your message. We must speak up about it or they win. Blessings. xx Liz from Florida

  6. Wise words Colette!. One of the cashiers at my local Lidl supermarket told me this week that there is a huge risk of inflation becoming so high that by January 2013 a loaf of bread could cost £5!!!!. I do hope that he is wrong !!!!

  7. Natural resources have been stolen for hundreds of years and now the grabbers have turned to humans as their last resource to plunder/ energy/ food/ housing..everything necessary for living has become their business. In Sweden energyproduction used to be owned by the state: but since the 90ths most have been sold out to global,foreign companys. Now our cost for heating have more than doubled and people still have their heads buried in the sand waiting for the ”grabbers” to save them ! It is going to be a long cold winter in Sweden..

    • Just like Norway. The Norwegian people owned the hydropower, as is stated in our Constitution. and now the government have sold it, our energy to EU, via an unlawful European Economic Area (EEA) agreement. And they lied to us about the energy prices. They promised we would not get any higher energy prices. Yes, there we are, with a government who stabs us ordinary people in the back. One of those who did, our Foreign Minister, for years now have had a top job as President in WEF (World Economic Forum). Another from today’s government also was a Director in WEF. So, Norwegian “politicians” really are in their Club of Billionairs. They have grabbed us now, they who worked for exactly that in 1940-1945. Our Prime Minister do not work for us (the people) at all any more. Our energy prices just rises, and they’ve just promised us to rise it much more this winter. I live in an old logged house from 1880. The fire wood prices has increased because of all this. The firewood sellers also find it hard to keep their business going, because of the mad energy prices, and increasing prices on everything.
      (Sorry for commenting a year later, but the situation is still here).

  8. Here in NW of the British Isle is how it isn’t affecting this family of four adults.
    We have,no phones, no television, no car, no freezer, they all went out of use years ago.
    We live in a 2 up 3 down terrace built 1910. No double glazing, no insulation.
    We use wood on an open fire to warm the living room and a hot water cylinder with two heatsink radiators in the 2 bedrooms. We burn scrap wood and pallets mainly. We do not buy wood.
    We have a manual washing machine, a white knight spin dryer, the fridgei is a tiny student sized fridge.
    We buy mark down food from Aldi, Morrisons and a Co-op and having been doing so for years. The furthest shop is a mile away so very easy walking distance.
    We spent £1532 on food last year. This year it is looking like we will spend £1600.
    We spend £1.20 per day on electricity via a prepay meter.
    Internet inc line rental is £22 per month.
    We haven’t eaten out for over nine years.

    We buy most of our clothes and shoes from charity outlets. We replace wheat is either worn out or no longer being used.
    We buy sheets and towels when they are at silly prices in the shops.
    We dig just about everything.
    One of us works in a school for an hour a day during term time.
    One of us is a digital artist who takes commissions.
    The other two don’t work.
    We are not overweight, like most could be fitter, but we all walk for at least thirty minutes a day in the fresh air come rain or shine.
    We eat very little processed food and forage for fruit and rocket in the main when in season with abit of mushrooming again when in season.
    At dusk its candles and led/fairy/dimmed incandescent light that is used where needed.
    There are three computers in regular use. One is 2007 vintage, one is 2012, one is 2017. The back ups are all 2005-2007 vintage all bought second hand.
    I am tapping this out on an old lenovo tablet that cost £6 as it has a faulty battery in it.
    The key is for us to be reducing all the time. Removing things not needed, unused, unloved, obsolete. Repairing this GS whenever possible is also key.

    None of us fear tomorrow. All are happy we can sleep in a warm dry bed every night. None of us feel we are missing anything. None of the madness of the past couple of years has put stress into us.
    None of us pay tax. Two of us have savings accounts. No other bank accounts or plastic cards. We use cash for everything save anything bought online where a debit card is used.
    The house is mortgage free.
    The yard of the house has over 100 trees in various sizes in it, around 60 or seventy shrubs, perrenials, bulbs, climbers, flowers etc. We grow wild strawberries, tomatoes, peas, climbing beans, hardy kiwi, most years in the same space which amounts to about 96 square feet. There are four five fruit trees in that 100 figure of fruit bearing size and a half dozen bamboos to keep the green going through the autumn/winter. And we hang washing out on the one long and three short washing lines when the weather allows. Plus there is a bench in the yard that seats three in comfort.
    There are four plastic bin wormeries in use and half a dozen in pot wormeries so all vegetable waste and a fairbit of brown cardboard is processed by the worms year round to provide worm tea fertiliser for the plants and worm compost.

    I wrote this out simply to give people an eye opener on what is easily doable once you lose the fear of tomorrow.

    • Essential infrastructure such as energy, health and education needs to be planned for long term, not to be interfered with by governments that might change every few years. They also shouldn’t be privatised so they can’t be robbed by the greedy.

  9. When I was young (from 60’s to the 80’s)here in the US, I was told I was a citizen then I was referred to as a consumer (from the 90’s to 2010’s) Now we are being consumed, co-modified, mined and manipulated by every aspect of the digital/information economy. We all have a digital self, a statistical fiction based on behaviorally predictive algorithms. The tools we’re using are now shaping us. So when I hear Vandana Shiva speak about what is false and what is real rather than what is true, I realize the place of power where we have real agency is here and now in the physical world. So I say everyone everywhere plant 12 trees a year and reclaim our physical real world!

    • This is very interesting Colette ..and yesterday I was reading in the news an MP was calling for energy to be nationalised..
      I can’t remember who it was but I think he’s a Labour party member 🤔
      I’m trying not to panic about it..and I don’t know how these grabbing B words sleep at night!
      I’m just hoping that the prices are going to come back down.. and the price of food at the moment is extortionate.
      Thanks for your wonderful podcasts Colette xx

  10. The chaos is coming. I cant have heat this winter, I must make a choice, heat or food. A hot water bottle will keep me warm with warm socks. Its crazy at the moment. The cost of food is getting every week higher.Its horrible what is happening in de the world , but I believe after this when the people take controle , and the EU is falling apart , a better and normale life .

  11. I’ve been wondering how many (or few) of us are seeing these things. Sometimes it feels like one is the only sane person in a mad world.

    The governments, the media, most people on social media and everywhere else seem to believe that it’s a good and right thing sending enormous resurses to fight a war in another part of the world while their own citizens are struggling to pay the bills, losing their homes, losing their businesses and the economies are crashing.

    They keep pushing for the continuation of that conflict and doing what they can to turn a war into a world war which would involve as many countries as possible – even if it’ll eventually ruin them.
    This is pure madness.

  12. Hi Friend- Thank you for your observant podcasts. I appreciate you defining that we are moving thru the end of a cycle, a teaching that can be found across many cultural traditions. I agree strongly about this manufactured crisis in energy, and would apply that same perception to the food and pandemic crises.
    I see these situations and other problem such as poverty, poor health, pollution etc as a result of a long creeping institutionalization of of the relationship between too- big- to- fail corporations and government, which is the very definition of fascism.
    I do not see a solution in nationalizing resources, because as you state, the same people who occupy positions in government also invest heavily in the so-called private sector corporations and receive insider trading tips and immune themselves from liability by passing laws to protect themselves. They will not change their ways if resources are turned over to them to manage. Government is notoriously inefficient in managing anything well. Nationalization our resources would leave those same people in charge.

    I have great faith in the natural intelligence of humanity, which left to its own without an elite control sector of big national governments and big business structures, is capable of so living its own problems and issues. We do not need a ruling class, who deprive us our our God given sovereignty and disempower our voices.

    Right now their is a fierce global campaign against the free market and capitalism, both which allows creative and resourceful individuals to create the goods and services that the people I.e. the market vote for with their purchases. Because we have confused facial with capitalism we are ready to believe that only socialism i.e. more government is the answer. In reality we have never had a free market, we have been controlled by the elite banking class and the media, so called educational system which propagate propaganda to reinforce false ideas, which we accept rather than observe and inform ourselves of what is actually taking place.
    So that is my response to your proposal to nationalized infrastructure, which will only lead us into a Marxist government, which is the exact intent of the NWO- whose tells us a great reset (grab) is underway. We will own nothing( government will grab all- even your beloved cottage) but in exchange they will take care of us and make the world sustainable and we will be happy. NOT, nunca, never!!!

  13. Such a thoughtful podcast Collette. I read a ton of history (just finished a book on the maritime history of the Republic of Venice and am now reading a history of the workhouse). I am 100% convinced that though technology evolves, humans have not and we are the same creatures now in our DNA as we were in Mesopotamia or Greece or Rome, etc. Greed for money, power and control drive the bulk of us at any given moment. You are spot on about cycles and ends of empires. The greed gets too much and becomes unsustainable at some point and causes collapse and a new cycles of greed starts…. over and over and over. And what also never changes overall is the many suffer most at these times while the few exploit and prosper and at the end times of a cycle when they often grab the most. The technology has changed so that now the great tool for exploitation is corporations (though the gun still in use too!). The technology has changed but we haven’t. We are just using this new tool in our greed for for money, power and control. Corporations may be the modern empires (going back to the Dutch East India Co., British East India, Hudsons Bay to today’s Blackrock and all their ilk). This latest cycle arguably started with Reagan and Thatcher and their fellow travelers who ruined the many in benefit of the few. Corporations and globalization were their tools that callously and recklessly (and even quasi-piously!) ruined whole towns, regions, countries all in their mania for crass profits for the few. But as always at some point they take too much and it’s unsustainable for the masses – and here we are again in end of cycle chaos.

    But their is way that a separate and fortunate few are able to take and better cope throughout history and that is do what you can not to be a part of these cycles of human behavior. Work to be as mentally and physically and spiritually self sufficient as possible. This doesn’t mean become a hermit and when cycles end and chaos ensues and the grabbers are about, anyone/everyone can suffer, but self sufficiency mentally, physically and spiritually gives you strength and individual power over your own life. With that small individual power we can do what we can to help others and the planet.

  14. Yes. You present this information in a clear, concise and easy to understand; way. Absolutely it’s GREED. I just said to an associate the other day; the way through this is to remain calm. A daily work-in-progress. I Thank you Colette for being a positive, energetic anchor in this world. I look forward to all conversations that you share. Blessings.

  15. So right Colette.
    The best way to control people is to create imaginary enemies and fake crises in order to come in and rescue people, whilst blaming all ‘shortages’ on the newest enemy.
    They take us all for imbeciles.
    There is no shortage of anything, as was demonstrated by the pretend women’s sanitary goods shortage in america (which turned out to be a blatant lie) when large amounts of product were found being hidden away.
    It is so obvious now that they know they don’t even have to pretend any more. The mask has fallen on these people but they continue regardless as they’ve created a powerlessness in us they believe to be permanent. They are wrong.
    If their power relies on a product being sold to people, that they believe we need, then that power is reliant on our cash.
    Once we no longer buy those products or at least reduce our use, their power will diminish.

  16. Hi Colette,

    You are 100% correct on your synopsis. Please know massive change is on the way and the people of what is known as the corporate state of Ireland will transition to the new Game of Life en-masse within the coming months.

    Big Love 💞


  17. Trying to keep a cool head, but difficult with the rising costs of just living fairly frugally❣️

  18. Yes, Colette. I’m in US and I follow enlightened people in US who care abt the misfortunes of Germans and UK (even though they don’t personally face hardship), because of the stupidity of the EU leadership, who do the bidding of Big Finance (which is also in US). So I had heard abt France nationalizing their energy industries, and the shocking rise in UK prices. A lawyer I follow has UK readers, who want to know the truth about US, not the MSM spin. I also have a great-nephew in Germany. As Gandhi was reported to have said, there is enough for everyone’s need, there isn’t enough for everyone’s greed. I follow that Aussie permaculturist,Gordon, who also teaches meditations to de-escalate the panic & anxiety of these times.

  19. Hello Colette I work in mental health and you are correct the grab is starting to make itself really felt more and more are becoming more vulnerable blessings to you joe

  20. The US’s sad answer to the mental health crisis is to jump in the bed with the NRA and the pharmaceutical industry. People are really suffering. Homelessness and want are so much more obvious in the last few years, even in my little town. My own children, young adults, have lamented about how in the world are young people supposed to ever make their way with the cost of things and the environment of “everyone for themselves.” I tell them to be aware, but never afraid and I try to practice this myself. My answer, for today, is to help my youngest begin his homeschool studies, to tidy up my garden area, to snuggle my cats and pups, and to walk among my own dear trees. Yes, we must keep our wits about us and know that greed will not have the last word. Much love and every blessing, Colette. May we be wise and kind in the midst of turmoil. xoxo

  21. Thank you Colette for yout insight. If we have a look at the West we can clearly see that it led parazitic way of life. And at the moment what we experience slow harmonizing of this problem. Earth will set up a “new system”, I believe, where we will live according to ancestral heritage of each territory. No nation will be allowed to parazitise on other territory. I think this is the aim of our Mother.😊

  22. Yes Colette…I have been seeing this for quite sometime. I’m in the US and it has been happening here for some time. People hungry and billions going to the war. Amazing!!!!
    I pray and meditate daily to stay grounded. Thanks so much for your podcasts… Diane

  23. I could argue that the Grab started even back in 2008, here in the US, as arge corporations were bailed out of the financial crisis (with public money but not their consent) and resulting in corporate buybacks of their stock, increasing their profits instead of redistributing it back into the economy. It was blatant, then and now.

    • Of course…this grab is now materialising in the lives of people in a most severe way and therefore we come to the extreme end of that spectrum when the bread and circuses decline.

  24. Dear Colette you are so right
    Here in Germany we say ,If ist Rain mush you must have the spoon ready
    That means the rich people will be getting Richer….and the poor…….
    Blessings and greetings from Daggy Kiel Germany ☘️☘️☘️

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