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The Bealtaine Cottage Story of Stuff…and Wellies!

There’s an anglepoise lamp that lights up my desk here in the cottage. It is an ancient lamp, but a very good one and when new cost a fair bit of money, many years ago.
The reason why I am mentioning this will be apparent in a moment or two. You see, recently, here at Bealtaine Cottage, my washing machine broke down and that got me thinking about stuff…well, things in particular…

Things like wellies…
What may you ask can possibly go wrong with wellies?
And what connects wellies to the anglepoise lamp?
Well, these, again, are old wellies and they are fine! However, over the course of recent years I have bought several pairs of floral wellies that have very quickly sprung leaks!

There is a point in telling you this…
it’s a simple point…
and is this…
the trend over recent years in manufacturing right across the board is to produce low quality stuff that is hiked as quality and pricey to boot!

Things are made not to last, to expire early, to be throw-away!

I have stopped buying trendy wellies.
I am not replacing my washing machine.
I have taken up home dressmaking once more.
And all the stuff that is being hiked in the shops…well, I will return to the way my grandma used to shop…infrequently, making an annual day of it!