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Towards Collapse…

Bee friendly hedge at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture 003Sitting here on this very cold and stormy day, writing as the day that is fast descending into a windy evening. 

Old church pew at Bealtaine Cottage PermacultureMuch of what I have written about over the past two years has come to pass.

The banks are in their death throes and are now preparing to take money out of people’s private accounts.

I refer, of course, to Cyprus and what is unfolding there.

Cyprus is a test zone…it will be a template for what these despicable bankers want to do everywhere!

winter sunrise at Bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardens Our governments, who we relied upon, to pass legislation, that would protect the bees and stop their decline through the use of certain pesticides, have ignored the will of the people and bowed to the demands of the corporations.

stained glass wheel of life at bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardensThe decline of the bees will continue, except in the pockets of protection we afford them.

I count the three acres of biodiversity, created here at Bealtaine Cottage, as one of them.

bee on Pumpkin flower at Bealtaine Cottage It is up to us now to boycott Garden centres that sell this putrid poison!

Old Irish dresser at Bealtaine Cottage The price of food is soaring.

Bealtaine Cottage kitchenThe commodities brokers, who have serious gambling addictions, are now gambling on the very food that people are relying upon to stay healthy and in some cases, alive!

clock on the mantlepiece at Bealtaine CottageShort term governance, based on an economic model, which is itself based on infinite economic growth, continues to create mayhem.

Old Rowan tree at Bealtaine CottageDid no-one in government, with all their overpaid consultants, ever cotton onto the fact that resources are dwindling and the planet is the same size as it ever was and will not be expanding any time soon?

Daffodils at Bealtaine CottageIf ever, in the course of a life, there was a time to plant food and learn a craft, build a pantry and invest one’s money in one’s life, it is now.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture wood burning stoveThe night is drawing in…a metaphor perhaps for what is happening around us…but as with the dark, comes the light and I look forward to a brilliant dawn tomorrow and a dishevelled, but calm garden.

I shake my fist at the lot of them and continue to plant!


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