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Important Notice to U.S. Subscribers!

Over recent months it has become apparent, that U.S. Customs are confiscating envelopes and small packages of seeds, posted from Bealtaine Cottage to subscribers in the United States.

As I endeavour to replace all that fail to arrive, the cost has now spiralled beyond reasonable losses to me.

In total I have lost almost 200 Euros in replacements…and some of these have not arrived at destination!

I am so sorry to have to capitulate to this problem not of my making and so am therefore unable to post seeds to the United States.

All other goods from Bealtaine Cottage appear to get through…though many are delayed by 3 weeks or more. I offer my apologies and will post this on the Seed Site for future reference.

Blessings from Colette at Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland.