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Peace on Earth

Bealtaine Cottage before Christmas 2012

In the remaining days before Midwinter of 2012, a time much talked of as something to be feared, I have discovered an old 1939 cartoon film entitled “Peace on Earth.”

Bealtaine Cottage Christmas 2012It  is a one-reel film directed by Hugh Harman, about a post-apocalyptic world populated only by animals.

Who was to know, that another world war was about to begin?

For me, this is the point of 2012.

Events are not to be feared.

Rather we should fear the consequences of our own actions, or, inactions.

War is wrong.

Bealtaine Cottage Christmas CatDress it up in whatever flag one wants…it is, and always will be, wrong.

Peace on Earth…a sacred wish.


Here it is, less than 10 minutes long and a wonderful Christmas treat!