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A New Earth Rising

There is something in the air.

A sense of possible…anything is possible.

What is it that has so inspired people all across the globe in recent months to feel this sense of optimism?

In a time of global meltdown, wars, ecocide and crimes against humanity being committed by our once trusted governments, we are experiencing a wave of hope and optimism,  almost unparalleled than ever in our known history.

Humanity now, perhaps more than in any previous time, has a wish to create a better world.

If we understand energy and the fact that all we have ever been and will be is energy, then we have begun to understand the meaning of happiness…Love is the most transformative power in the universe.

What it will involve and just how it will manifest is unknown…but this much is true, it is already being experienced by people across the Earth.

We live in the time of Gaia.

A time of recognising and understanding that we live on a planet that is affected by every little thing we do, for it is all connected, as described by James Lovelock.

“Through Gaia theory, I see the Earth and the life it bears as a system, a system that has the capacity to regulate the temperature and the composition of the Earth’s surface and to keep it comfortable for living organisms.” (p.30)

James Lovelock The Ages of Gaia. A Biography of our Living Earth, first edition 1988


There appears to be a shift in consciousness, as we move towards the dates set in the Mayan Calendar, though this may be only a small part of the entire experience.

This much is tangible and understood : we are in a state of immense change, one which can either be embraced, or denied.

We live in interesting times indeed!

Each one of us is as important as every other being on Earth.

Nothing sets us apart from others, except our behaviour towards the Earth and one another.

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