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The Homefront and Using Your Loaf! BY BEALTAINE COTTAGE JANUARY 30, 2016 …The Women’s Land Army provided much of the labour force required. It was simply amazing just how short a time it took for the UK to become relatively self-sufficient in good, wholesome food! To read more, subscribe to Bealtaine Cottage Good Life at… […]

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Your Power, Your Choice!

Permaculture Choices

Solar panels! Many permaculture garden visitors ask me why I have no solar panels? My stock answer is that I cannot afford them…but that hides all the other reasons why solar panel are not high on my wish-list of add-ons to Bealtaine Cottage! I see the issue in much more simple terms…frugality! Over the past […]

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Easiest Ever Compost Toilet


The post you’ve all been waiting for…the Bealtaine Cottage Compost Toilet. Easy to install and simple to use. No running outside on cold mornings to tramp across wet grass to use the toilet! This is located in the bathroom…not quite a bathroom though as I took out the bath and installed a shower instead!  There’s […]

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Monday Morning in the Permaculture Gardens

Recycling waste cardboard in the permaculture gardens of Bealtaine Cottage…part of the work programme for today as I continue to make new beds that will be planted out in the Spring. It is early morning here in the west of Ireland and the sun is playing hide and seek…a beautiful, warm autumnal morning. The kind […]

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Permaculture Cottage ~ Passionate Gardeners and Outdoor Living

Passionate and gardening are two words that seem to fit seemlessly together. There were three visitors to Bealtaine this morning and as walking around became enthused to talk of their own gardens! One had brought a photo album to show me…and it was well worth a look, as there were shots taken from just about […]

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