Permaculture Health, Wealth and Abundance…May the Force be With You!

Apple blossom this morning at Bealtaine.

As I write this I am listening to Irish Radio…talking endlessly about money, economics, making people spend money, kick-starting the economy! They just don’t get it! The wealth of a country must be measured in the health and wellbeing of its people…

Rhubarb waiting for me to turn it into jam…bumper harvests have begun again!

Apple blossom open today. the bees have feasted on the Ribes and are ready to continue the party on the fruit blossoms.

Irusan in the Fairy Dell this morning. He loves to walk the land with me each morning when he is staying at Bealtaine. Irusan is a Bombay Black Cat, whose mother was feral, living almost wild in London. he is extremely perceptive and interactive with people he chooses to like.

Growth over recent days has begun to impact on the paths that connect the permaculture zones at Bealtaine Cottage. Where monoculture fields around this smallholding are waiting for chemical fertilizer to green them, the grass and herbal pathways do the greening for themselves, for underneath lies a healthy soil that now pushes forth abundance!

Violets have emerged in the Fairy Dell…woodland abundance!


  1. Gorgeous Irusan blends perfectly into his surroundings in these beautiful images. The ‘Force’ would definitely appear to be with him….and probably is at all times!

  2. Your land is really comming alive! It’s been fun to watch it and compare it to my place here in California. You are way ahead of us in terms of growth and good weather! I saw your willow arch and was thinking I would like to make one going into my veg. garden. Do you just use one plant on each side to start it? Thanks for all the beautiful pictures! jacquie

    • Hello Jacquie…it’s amazing to think of you in California looking on this little bit of West Ireland. I must say that Spring has morphed into early Summer with too much ease for my comfort and growth has forged ahead! As for the Willow Arch, you can use one either side or two or three or more! And in addition to this you could add a couple of fast growing shrubs that could then be trimmed into shape. Or, if you want to be adventurous…why not two fruit trees as you are in Sunny California? If they are tied in, loosely, using biodegradable cord, then they will meld together, growing into one another…everything is posssible…only limited by imagination! Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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