The Energy of the Full Moon over Bealtaine…A Permaculture in Ireland


The moon last night as the sun was setting, colouring the fading jet stream in the S.E. sky.

There is something special about walking out on a moonlit night. There is a full moon at present in the sky and it’s rising early enough in the evening to enjoy its full beauty and splendour. A glass of wine or cup of tea tastes all the more lovely after a walk that has allowed you to engage with Gaia.

Nostalgia and the moon seem to go together…there is something in the energy of the full moon that appeals to the senses and the power of reflection. The full moon can be mesmerizing and evocative and in permaculture terms is a good time for growth, as the power of the moon pulls the plants up from the earth and keeps the water levels high.

 The last light of the  setting sun catches the open blossom on the Pear Tree near the cottage. The sky is clear this evening and the week ahead is promised fine. if you look closely you might see the tiny shape of a Pear just under the flower.

Sunlight catching blossom one one of the many Cherry trees at Bealtaine. Each Spring becomes more dramatic than the one before as the many fruit trees begin to mature.

The sun has set and daylight begins to fade into the West as the moon emerges to the East of the land.

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