Sunshine, Showers and Columbine…Totally organic, Absolutely Permaculture!

Stormy weather, sun, then rain and wind and in  between, brilliant sunshine! The roses don’t seem to mind though! An abundance of blooms hang low over the veranda. This is my first break of the day…hard at work splitting logs!

Chives popping up behind the angel, an edible garden is as much a part of a formal garden as any other. Herbs are particularly easy to grow and perennials like Chives will grow on every year, making many new plants with great ease.

Lots of baby pears on all the pear trees. The harvest is looking promising.

The vivid colours of new leaves when caught in the light of bright sunshine…between the showers at Bealtaine today!

Columbine in the vegetable garden today. A great perennial with lots of seed and self-seeding really easily, and, the bees love it!

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