Destroying Self-Sufficiency is ALL About CONTROL…Thoughts from a Permaculture Cottage

The Lower pond at Bealtaine this morning.

As I walked around the smallholding I thought about what it is we do to be self-sufficient and ultimately free from tyranny!

Yes…tyranny, because that’s what being at the mercy of the market and banks and importers of food is all about…tyranny!

The world today is governed by commerce, that means banks and business.

These institutions want us to be consumers.

Nothing else!

Just consumers!

In order to be a good consumer it is necessary to have money.

This paper trail enslaves us all.

That is why ‘bartering,’ is referred to as the ‘black market economy.’

Self-sufficiency is about providing as much as one can for oneself, family and wider community.

Is it any wonder that this is not taught in schools?

But then, the ‘make do and mend,’ philosophy does little to support any of the above…

I am not a good citizen.

I did not buy this flowering perennial, the Euphorbia above.

I got a cutting from a friend and propagated it, planted it, allowed it to spread and continued to give this plant forward to other people.

That makes me an economic terrorist.

Yet this is my philosophy for life.

To share.

I am not part of any religion.

Sharing is a human thing to do.

This is a pumpkin grown from a seed saved in Canada, planted yesterday in the tunnel.

I have grown dozens of plants this year  and given most away…because I could and I wanted to.

Growing seeds is an amazing experience as all tenders of Gaia know.

Sharing is liberating.

Why shop when you can share?

Oh dear, am I talking revolution again?

Ha! Ha!

Sharing is a human trait, beaten out of us in this competitive world we are submerged in…

Maybe it’s time to have a major rethink on that, for hard times are here…


  1. I have the same views and I can’t wait till the day that I am liberated like you. For now I remain enslaved to the paper trail! Its all for the outcome though 🙂 I believe a bit of a revolution is due!

    Thanks for some good reading


    • On the plus side, Hugo, property is getting very affordable in terms of old cottages and land. My brother has recently bought an old place near here for a mere 15,000euros…it needs work, but not anything that can’t be done by oneself! Revolution is happening! Just getting out and away from the consumer trap is a revolution in itself!

  2. …and so say all of us!! Long live the “not good citizens” who are helping to remind people that simplicity and sharing are not the end of progress but rather the continuation of a much more contented lifestyle that we’ve veered away from. Learning loads from you, Colette, with such beautiful photos as a bonus.
    Take care and keep talking to those girls… you’re talking nothing but sense .
    Marian x

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