The Stolen Child…in memory of half a million children of Iraq who will never grow up.

Willie Yeats is one of my favourite poets.

He shares a place in my heart with Seamus Heaney and several others.

I found this enchanting animation of one of Yeats most remembered poems, “The Stolen Child,” and thought it would be good to share it with you.

The words of Madeline Albright, US Secretary of State, burns in my heart…500,000 dead Iraqi children “was worth it”…


Autumn and the changing light…that’s my favourite aspect to the season.

The next few weeks are going to be all about cutting back and filling the compost heaps.

Paths that have closed up over recent months will be opened up again through a lot of hard work…but then this is a lovely time to be outdoors.

Cow Parsley…this will stand for most of the Autumn and sometimes into the winter.

Spiders will spin webs and leave a fairy-like strands that connect the skeletal shapes.

As the EU imposes sanctions on Iran, we wait for the death toll of children to mount there too.

Ireland now holds the Presidency of the EU.

Ireland can make a difference…or be complicit in the genocide of a nation.

Ireland should know better!

If you get close enough to Tony Blair to attempt a peaceful citizen’s arrest, you will qualify for the reward which has already been paid a number of times.

For details, see


  1. The poem is so hauntingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing it along with your powerful message. Such an unimaginable trajedy. Fortunately, as you demonstrate here, there is still much good in the world and people that think and talk with sense and compassion.
    I have been reading about Quakers recently with their commitment to peace, perhaps we should refuse to pay taxes that relate to arms and warfare.

    Blessings x

    • The cow parsley grows wild over the land here. This may have something to do with the damp climate, so growing this by a stream or in similar conditions may work well.

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