100,000 Visitors to Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Smallholding

Missy investigates the basket I made yesterday.
She may be sussing it out for a new home!

I noticed that she spent some time licking the new basket and wondered if she was in search of Aspirin, a drug derived from the bark of the Willow.

Visitors to Bealtaine have reached the 100,000 mark…almost…probably today, and you may be the one to match that number!

I am delighted that so many people seek out this blog, or even stumble across it and decide to re-visit again and again.

Interest in Permaculture and the resulting self-sufficiency and sustainable living is growing…

“Oh, well…back into this basket…I may decide on a tenancy, depends on the decoration…”

A big “Thank You,” to all visitors!

7 thoughts on “100,000 Visitors to Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Smallholding

  1. Missy has good taste! She gets a new handsome basket for Solstice! I am one of the folks that returns frequently to see new pictures and seek inspiration. I live in Oregon, West Coast, US, and our climate is somewhat similar I believe.


    • Missy is one wilful girl, I can tell you! She has lodged herself into that basket and there’s no moving her!
      I have been out cutting willow on the land, but it has to diy for 8 weeks before it can be used…so baskets are in the pipeline, so to speak!
      Oregon sounds lovely. I shall look that up on the map. I think I once heard of something called the Oregon Trail…is that plausible?


      • The Oregon Trail was actually a number of routes that people took from the East Coast and Mid-West to the West coast of the U.S. from 1840..ish to about 1855. My mother’s family came across the Oregon Trail from the U.S.State of Kentucky in 1851. They started with 19 family members and arrived with 4, the others having perished along the way mostly from Cholera. That family had come from Ireland in 1818 – 1820 to Virginia then to Tennessee and then Kentucky and finally, Oregon.


  2. I agree with Missy, it’s a great basket! (I’d not dare to disagree with her anyway!) 🙂
    Congratulations on reaching 100,000 visits! Wow!!


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