Spring Garden in Ireland ~ Permaculture Planting for Brilliance!

One of the real advantages of a permaculture garden is that there is always colour…flowers are not the only colour in the garden!

I took this photo about  five minutes ago and even though it’s drizzly, dull and cloudy, the garden at the front of the cottage is dazzling with a veritable artist palette of colour!

There are crispy brown leaves on the grass from the Beech trees, which keep their leaves for most of the winter and only really shed them as the new ones push through.

The Photinia is bright red with the new growth.

Valerian is showing bright green through the gravel  and the Pear tree is awash with white blossom.

Permaculture planting is intense planting, the objective being to cover the earth and leave no part exposed to the elements! The effect is incredible and the maintenance is absolutely minimal!

Most of these plants are easily recognised.

One of the big benefits of permaculture planting is the almost immediate transformation for the better, as plants move through the seasons and drop their waste upon the earth.

Pyracantha, Beech, Amelanchier, Spirea and Buddleia all jostle for the light…may the best one win!

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