A Permaculture Garden in the Calm before the Storm.

The morning is warm and sunny.

The birds sing and bees buzz and all is well at Bealtaine Cottage.

The kitchen decoration is complete and all the other rooms are downhill from here in terms of work and upheaval.

This morning is one of those extraordinary moments in time, like the sunny happy days of 1930’s England…that’s what this morning makes me think about. It’s a kind of calm before the storm moment in time, I think.

This is a time of uncertainty.

We have been in a state of war for decades.

More war is on the horizon.

The only thing that makes sense is our connection with the Earth and each other.

We need to hold onto that.

We need to continue to develop and nurture those links.

They cannot be owned or taken from us.

No words in this video, taken this morning as the warmth of the day awoke Bealtaine Cottage…



    • I love your blog and the beauty of your land. I have been enjoying your blog for a few months. I have surrounded my home with the growing beauty of plants both edible, herb and flower. Mine too has lots of rock. I would like to know about how you came to live on this piece of wonder you have grown up around you? What is your back ground? I love some of the ways you speak about banks and such or the plants and the process. This blog is bright spot in my life. RoseMary known by my nick name as Roisin

      • Thanks Roisin for your lovely words…it is great to hear from the followers of Bealtaine Cottage.
        I was a teacher and became disillusioned with the system which failed the majority and favoured the few.
        I believe in lifelong education for all, free and encouraged at all levels.
        Wanting to carve out a simpler, more tuned in and at one with the Earth life, I sunk my savings into this old cottage and got stuck in.
        I am blessed by the Earth.
        My path has led me to give up religion, consumerism, cigarettes, meat and dairy.
        I am fulfilled and wish we all had hundreds of years on this beautiful Earth instead of the all too short a time we actually have.

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