Making a New Vegetable Bed, Permaculture style!

The main vegetable beds are placed near the tunnel.

Most of the vegetables that are hardy and slug resistant, such as potatoes and pumpkins are grown there.

I have grown lettuce and slug edible veg in hanging baskets until recently, when the idea of creating raised beds on gravel appealed to grower in me…

This video explains how I made the bed and plans for enlarging it, as well as using bamboo to deter cats, who just happen to love newly raked soil!

and here is part two, as the bed is made bigger…


  1. Hi again! You explain things so well I was wondering if you had considered running courses. I think you mentioned on one of your blogs that you welcome people to come and visit and see Bealtaine Cottage “in the flesh”. Is that possible? We are growing our own veg and have a poly tunnel and we try to be frugal and recycle etc, but permaculture is still new to us. I have read a few books but so far none of them have been as inspiring as you, plus you have Irish experience which we cannot find in books.

      • Well, I live in Connemara so I won’t be able to just drop in. Where are you exactly? We would be willing to take a day out and drive to you maybe one Sunday? I think you are in Roscommon or Sligo? so it would take us a few hours to get there, but it would be worth it. I used to be a teacher too (just saw your other comment) and know what you mean – it was all pointless and frustrating. Anyway, if you could give me directions and say when would be a good date for you we’ll be there. Thanks x

          • Good morning. I found it on the map and it is not as far as I originally thought. I would love to come and visit. Would Sunday afternoon be ok for you? My name is Terri Conroy. I have a health shop in Clifden. If you want to find out about me before you welcome me into your home, I have a web site

              • Hi Colette, thanks for the email and the number. For some reason I could not email you back?? Anyway, I have the num ber and will set off on Sunday morning and should be with you in the early afternoon. If anything comes up for you and you have to dash off, my number is 086 378 1306. I’m really looking forward to seeing Bealtaine Cottage (and you of course) and will call you en route.

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