Making a Rocket Stove is so very easy!

Today I made a Rocket Stove, using materials scavenged from waste ground…some old concrete blocks.

Many of the instructions up on the web are complicated and involve the use of metal and cutting equipment, none of which I have.

The basic principle of a Rocket Stove, once grasped, allows for more freedom of materials.

Basically, the air is drawn into the chimney, through a corridor of sorts, with a fire set into the base.

The kettle or pot is placed on the top of the chimney, just allowing for air and smoke to escape…in my case I set some pieces of slate on the four corners of the chimney top that the pot then rested on.

Anyway…have a look at the video and you will see what I have done.

The stove uses tiny amounts of wood and is just the most amazing and economical way to cook!


  1. Brilliant! How synchronistic for us as we were just talking to a friend yesterday about rocket stoves. I mentioned your blog and how you had made a stove from an old gas bottle. do you have the method for that too?

    • The Gas Bottle stove did not work as well as the wood-burning stove that has followed it. A friend made that stove for me as it needed a fair amount of welding. The plans can be accessed on the web if one does a search.

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