Rocket Stove makes the Tea at Bealtaine Cottage…

Harvesting Blackcurrants, mowing grass and mulching…deserves a pot of tea, at least.

So, the trusty Rocket stove was put into action and I enjoyed endless cuppas as I worked through this glorious day.

It gave me the opportunity to sit and watch the birds and insects get on with their work too.

And the scent of wood burning on the early evening air  is simply one of the most evocative smells ever!

So, here it is…


  1. callalily89

    You have the most wonderful life! What a gorgeous stove for your tea, and lovely Missy sharing the day outside with you…in your garden paradise!


        1. PermaGoddess

          Welcome to Bealtaine!
          Cats…No wonder they were worshipped in Ancient Egypt…their energy is very healing and calming, quite joyful really!
          People who have compassion for animals are the best!


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