It’s Not Just About Bees…is it?

Bees have been dying off at an alarming rate.

Moths are no longer fluttering around this cottage at night.

The Bats have left Bealtaine Cottage.

This is big, a very big issue and we have to look at what’s really happening…


  1. Hello again,
    Today I received the latest Mary Janes Farm issue and in it was a section on bees. The article went on to tell how the Polish beekeepers protested to have the strain of genetically motified corn called Mon810 banned and they were successful. Research has shown that this was damaging to bees because Mon810 produces its own form of Bt!!!! These seeds are sold everywhere and we as consumers need to be careful of the seeds we purchase.
    I also wanted to thank you because of your blog I have started mine. I am like a baby bird taking my first flight but thanks to you I have done it.

  2. I haven’t seen much insect activity these last few weeks – so few bees or butterflies about – I’d put it down to the cool wet weather we have been having – as to it’s causes…….

  3. Monsanto truly is an evil empire! I read on the internet that besides Agent Orange, a former president of Monsanto had been in research for the first atomic bomb (Manhatten Project). And now it wants us to use only its seeds to feed the world! If it had been human it would have been treated long ago for its schizophrenic behavior. It really makes me very angry but small steps are starting to change things, so there is hope. Here in Monterey California the city just banned all plastic bags and styrofoam containers. Its a small step but hopefully more will follow. I hope the moths and bats return to Bealtaine soon, inspite of what we do to the Earth and its creatures,it is alot more resilient than we humans. We have plenty of moths here infact they have helped themselves to a couple of my sweaters. Amazing creatures as I doubt I could stay alive by eating one of my sweaters!

    • What you say is so true…the Earth is resilient.
      In looking to our own health, we, by default, care for the health of the environment and the Earth.
      Monsanto is in bed with some very big corporations and powerful people.
      However, a movement for Earth is composed of individuals…billions, so we can prevail!
      Good for Monterey…as you say, it’s a small step, but in the right direction and small steps are secure steps!
      Beautiful Moths…like having small children around…worth all the shambles they leave behind!

  4. This is obviously a very serious situation in which I think the media, especially TV,should ideally be more involved. It alone has the power and influence to bring much needed awareness to a potentially global audience. Sadly, the care and protection of bees and other small creatures with whom we share this planet – seems unlikely to be deemed important enough an issue to receive the amount of TV coverage devoted to sport and soap operas……

  5. I loved the video and your words of wisdom. Here in Western Massachusetts the bees seem to be doing okay. Most hives are in back yards or on farms, I don’t know of any commercial beekeepers but i am sure there are some.
    Monsanto the terrible chemical company is located about 30 miles south of here. When driving to Boston you have to pass it on the turnpike and the you have to roll your windows up just to pass by. They say there is nothing dangerous about the smell!!!!
    We all have to work together to prevent these changes from happening, permaculture is certainly the way to go.
    Today I am staking up tomatoes which have fallen over with heavy fruit, the sheep and chickens have made those fruit possible with their composted manure. I plan to get some rug hooking with fleece done today to.

    • Wonderful, wise words Carole! “We all have to work together!” The power of an idea in the hands of many is awesome…Keep on keeping on!

  6. It is terrifying what is happening to our environment and to our climate. It makes me angry and sad, and as an American even ashamed of what we have been doing all over the world. It is overwhelming at times because I don’t think we can stop them.
    That is why I love following your blog. You are such an example of what could be done….you have created such an Eden there….maybe create is the wrong word…”facilitated” perhaps. I too was a teacher, now retired and becoming a gardener. To me permaculture is much like teaching in a child centered classroom. Unlike in a more traditional classroom (or garden) where the teacher is in charge. I think that is one of the things that is so appealing about it….
    In any case, thank you for your blog and for your work. I learn from you every day. And know that there are many people who feel as you do. Patti

    • Thanks so much Patti! You are absolutely right about the child-centred approach…that is just how it is, facilitating Nature! I live in awe of this beautiful Earth and do not ever want to leave it…We must protect what little we can and encourage others. so many people are on this path…it’s inspiring!

  7. Wonderful video (as usual). The bees here are disappearing too. Even the fireflies seem to be in short supply. I don’t use any chemicals on my gardens but I seem to be alone with a suburb full of endless boring lawns, monocultures of grass that devour chemical phosphorus which gets into the rainwater, aquifers, lakes and ocean and then “blooms” causing thick algae blankets to gobble up the oxygen and kill the fish. Everything is interconnected. You poison one annoying pest and you wind up poisoning song birds, etc. Best to give up all chemicals now while we still can.

    • Well said! The problems we have inflicted on Mother Nature are coming right back at us 10-fold. Time is running out…this is a desperate situation that will not not go away. No more silent ignoring…

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