As We Awaken…

The weekend lies ahead.

My Connemara visitors have left…sad to wave off such great folks!

Missy and Che are both fed and pampered.

The Tea cups are washed and stacked on the draining board and the last of the muffins packed away into the freezer…for if not I would surely eat them…well, I may share them with Jack and Flo!

Missy appears to be more tolerant of Che, for today at least…he may be taking his life in his hands by getting this close tomorrow!

We talked and talked about such interesting things…it’s a pleasure to share time with like-minded folk!

 By understanding the Universe as a vast, holistic system and our Earth as a part of that complex and unified system, we can start to bring about the restoration of the natural ecosystems that hold it all in place.

This is why so many visitors are drawn to what is happening here at Bealtaine…the restoring of the ecosystem  on three acres can be mirrored anywhere.

To begin, it is essential to honour and trust Nature…that is what I have learned at Bealtaine Cottage.

For once we let go of the urge to control and dominate Nature, we become open to understanding creation itself.

We simply do not yet have the words to articulate this wonder.

We have been constrained in all aspects of our living for so very long…

 Terri brought me big generous bags of wholefoods from her shop in Connemara…I feel utterly spoilt!

I may visit Connemara to give a talk on Permaculture…thank you both for the invitation!

As we stood together in the garden nearest the cottage, we spotted a Butterfly…I hope this is a good omen of lots more to come!

We live in such strange times.

I feel blessed to be here, at this time, for so much has been revealed.

More and more people are becoming conscious, as though they have awoken from a very deep slumber.

We live in interesting times, we live in dangerous times, but most of all, we live.

Today, I was reminded of that.

Life is good.


  1. Thank you Colette for your wonderful hospitality, and likewise, it was good to talk to someone of the same mind. The muffins were delicious and I think it would be nice if you were to put up the recipe one day so that I can taste them again at home. It was a fantastic experience to visit Bealtaine Cottage and to see all that beauty and productivity and creativity in the flesh and to meet with you too of course. We returned home inspired and rejuvenated and raring to go and get working on our garden. The one disappointment was that we didn’t have enough time, we could have chatted with you for hours! Over the weekend I heard that Isaac Newton had said, “we must torture Mother Nature to get her to reveal her secrets” and yet you have proved that co creating with Mother Nature is so simple, easy and gentle.You have also shown that Mother Nature is delighted to work with us and willingly share her secrets, as you shared your plants and wisdom with us.I know things are desperate and look hopeless at the moment, but I do believe that we are near tipping point as so many people know deep down that we must take care of the planet and many are doing their bit. Lots of us ordinary people are just getting on with doing our best and the more who join us means that the big corporations and governments are just talking to them selves. So many many thanks to you Colette and to all the followers of your blog for doing what we can and even for just having the intent. xxxxxx

  2. As always I am in awe of your garden and all the beautfy and bounty within it. I also love the animals….Che and Missy look so happy! It’s good to be among like-minded people. May I just add, I LOVE the mirror in your garden! What a lovely idea, and yours in so colorful!

  3. Perhaps there is a small god up in heaven readying herself for us. another world is not only possible, she is on her way. Maybe many of us won’t be here to greet her, but on a quiet day, if I listen very carefully, I can hear her breathing. < Arundhati Roy

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