Under Occupation…Mother Earth needs a Lawyer!

The Earth is in desperate need of protection.

Mother Earth is in desperate need of people with integrity to look after her interests…for her interests are our interests.

So, what constitutes integrity?

Do any of our leaders possess this quality?

How often do we say, “there goes a person of integrity…”?

Integrity is the “quality or state of being complete”, of being in an “unbroken condition” or state of “wholeness”… entireness, wholeness; the unimpaired state of anything: uprightness: honesty: purity.

The problem with many politicians, who make decisions on our behalf, is that they seem not to possess any of the last three qualities.

I am very concerned about our seed security.

Seed gives us our food…all of our food.

I have spoken about this before and the little I have to say about it resonates deeply with many of you.

Now, the reason that I mention politicians is that all decisions relating to our environment and food security are taken at governmental level and it is at governmental level that the big corporations employ many of their people…to lobby!

There is no integrity in lobbying politicians on behalf of a corporation…that is all about money and back-scratching.

So, back to Mother Earth and who lobbies for her…successfully?

Well, one of my all-time heroes, Tim DeChristopher is in prison for taking direct action to help her.

That is a story worth googling!

There are many organizations like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth who represent us on the front-line.

There are also many people who genuinely care and are concerned and I count myself as one.

The problem is that politicians are very adept at being sly.

Take for example the issue of GMO’s.

Recently, the government here in Ireland allowed this abomination into our country via, “GM Potato Trials!”

Now, who, I ask, would have lobbied for that?

Then there’s the case of Order 81 in Iraq.

Who was behind that?

Do people even know anything about Order 81, imposed by the US government in 2004.

Yes, imposed!

What a break for U.S. corporations, such as Monsanto!

The U.S. imposed 100 Orders on Iraq.

Order 81  was designed to have a major impact on the way farming is done in Iraq.

This order prohibits Iraqi farmers from using saving seeds from one year to the next.

Order 81 prohibits the farmers from using their own seeds, on their own farms, to grow their own crops.

So who supplies the seeds…?

Well, join the dots and look at what’s going on.

Prior to the U.S. invasion, agriculture in Iraq was flourishing.

The Fertile Crescent in Iraq, the cradle of civilization and where farming actually began, had developed a system of farming that was the envy of the world.

There was immense biodiversity and within that was food security.

GMO’s depletes biodiversity, leaving us all tied to the corporations supplying the seeds.

Alarm bells ringing?

Under Occupation, centuries of progress have been destroyed, almost overnight, due to the bombing of the Iraq Seed Bank…how convenient for Monsanto to get a foothold.

How much of this did you know?

As I suspected, the Earth needs a damn good lawyer and fast!


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  1. The restrictions on personal seed use is limited, true, but that is in the use of seeds that Monsanto has a present patent on. True enough also, that many seed companies have been overtaken and bought out by Monsanto and their line of seeds destroyed. Most people in the USA believe that this Corp. is evil and beyond powerful. People should see seeds that are family..their family..heirlooms as one of the treasures we can own.
    Thank you,

  2. Ok, you’ve just blown my mind – and that’s virtually impossible. I’m headed off to read all this.
    Thank you,
    keep going,

  3. One hundred years ago, the U. S. government provided free seeds to farmers. It baffles me to no end how things have become so twisted and gnarled.

  4. I never knew about Order 81 either or the bombing of the Iraqi seed bank (By coincidence? – oh really….). That is shocking.

    • $17 Billion was recently allocated to the Kiev government, partly on the basis of access by US corporations. Guess who has just opened an office in Kiev? Monsanto. Ukraine is the world’s fifth largest producer of wheat and grain…now, there is a coincidence!!!

  5. I didn’t know about order 81 either, but I can’t say I’m surprised. I knew the war was instigated for control of oil, but there are obviously big spin offs from that. Before the illegal war, Iraq was the one country in the region where women had equal opportunities regarding education, and freedom in their dress. Look at it now. Blair and Bush should both be in prison for war crimes, not to mention the dreadful state Iraq is now in and the continuing loss of life.

  6. Earth is in desperate need of help. Here is the US, hydraulic fraking is contaminating aquifers and destroying farm land across the country. There are better, cleaner ways of heating our homes (like solar/wind/geothermal) but too many people are selling off their mineral rights for instant lottery-like winnings and leaving the Earth a much wounded place. How can our children and grandchildren survive without clean, potable water?

    • We draw a line in the sand and make a stand.
      We refuse to support politicians, but hold them accountable for their actions.
      We recognise we are from the Divine and protect all the Divine has given to us.
      We develop our integrity and our ability to articulate.
      We develop our personal moral compass and pass it on to our children.
      We do not comply with what is wrong.

    • On a different topic – I cant see how to make a comment on your diet blog – but would be interested if you can give some more details on that one please of what sort of things you have been eating to lose this weight. I can see its been a vegan diet…but then I got a bit lost and was wondering about details of what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner. By far the easiest way to duplicate it……LOL.

      • I don’t have a format of any kind other than eating home made vegan food and as much of it as I want. I try to keep away from sugar and processed foods. Weight loss is inevitable, as no meat, dairy and processed are being consumed. Nothing is weighed or measured. Samples of breakfast, lunch and dinner are on the site, though there are many great Vegan sites worth looking at.
        Blessings XXX

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