Fruits of the Earth

Kilronan Mountain rises above the mist early in the morning here in the north west of Ireland.

The solace of an early Autumn and a brightening sky.

Fruits of the Earth are ready to harvest.

Apples scattered on the grass in the orchard are nibbled by night-time visitors and afternoon wasps.

The seasonal change-over is happening, hot becomes warm and cool becomes cold.

Crocosmia is blooming…the brilliant burnt orange of an artist’s palette.

This little flower, once brought to Ireland from South Africa, now colours the roadsides for departing visitors…an orange farewell and abiding memory.

The orange flag of Lughnasa spent in an Emerald Isle.

As the Equinox approaches and the days shorten, the scents rising from Mother Earth are full of fermenting fruit and wood smoke.

Plums split open in fertile ripeness.

Wasps descend.

Samhain is just around the corner and then the descent towards the longest night of the year…the seasons progress…

The promise of a Toffee Apple on a stick.

Scrumping children sneak into gardens for the promise of apples and pockets filled with booty to carry off.


  1. Are you pruning your fruit tress and fruit bushes or are you letting them grow naturally? By the way the picture of your apple trees is amazing! We have fruit trees growing in our garden since last year and we had lovely blossoms in spring, which started to turn to fruit but then the small, small fruit just fell from the trees. Would you know why this happened?

    • I prune the fruit trees every year.
      The fruit on your trees may not have been pollinated. I have planted lots of early spring flowering shrubs near the fruit trees in order to entice the bees out of hibernation in time then for the fruit blossom.
      Pollination can be a big problem, which is why we need biodiversity for the bees.

  2. Yes indeed it would be lovely to have several fruit trees – but the garden is very small. However I’m not duly concerned as the pattern of my various living environments over the years somehow ‘arranges itself” so that I end up living close to trees!

  3. Am considering planting a small tree in new abode garden….I love the apple and cherry blossoms, also Japanese maple. Would be grateful for any advice.

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