The Return of Romance

Simplicity of living is much sought after these days.

There are television programmes and magazines devoted to the simple life.

We are drawn towards images of romantic simplicity…think of all the wonderful books translated into gorgeous films that espouse life before the Industrial Revolution.

I have to admit an interest here, as my most read novel is Pride and Prejudice and favourite film is the translation of that book onto the big screen by Deborah Moggach, directed by Joe Wright.

It is simply exquisite in it’s attention to detail that reflects the beautiful simplicity of everyday life.

And that is what we have been seeking, through consumption, for several chaotic decades now…a return to the simple life.

So, let’s define the simple life.

Well, it is simple enough to define, for it simply means, “less of!”

Yet all the media, while espousing the simple life, cheer-leads us to consume more.

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So, I urge you to read the book and see the film.

Within the romantic idealism of past times there sits a very clear message…less is more.

De-clutter your life.

Embrace the sunrises and sunsets.

Open the door of your de-cluttered world to romance and fall in love with Nature.

All good will follow!


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  1. Thank you for your wise words about the real romance we need in our lives. I will reread Pride and Prejudice and watch the movie with a new perspective.
    Sometime ago you mentioned the loss of butterflies at Bealtaine. It made me think of the quote “when a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, it can cause a hurricane in another part of the world”.
    You are mistaken, there is one butterfly left at Bealtaine and it is you! You show us how you live your “simple” life in concert with Gaia through your blogs and videos. It has blown away the garbage of the rat race way of life i have been living but has also made me very hopeful. I thank both of you.

    • Sharleen, what inspires me most, more and more, is the growing number of people, like you, who make the connection.
      It really is wonderfully uplifting to realise, we are not alone…there are many of us and the numbers grow.
      I was saying this today, to a visitor, who felt there was no hope left…that the planet was doomed.
      I pointed out to him that more and more good people are speaking up and embracing their sacred journey in a joyful and optimistic way.
      The power of of our energy is rippling outwards to embrace others and so it heals.
      Life is good.
      There is wonder in all living things.
      Bless the day and all life therein.

  2. Ms. Goddess, your wonderful postings gladden our hearts, inspire our souls and give us much hope for the future. Thank you for all you do and for spreading the knowledge and wisdom we all need to help us reawaken to the beautiful gifts of our mother Earth. Since we visited you in spring (still remember those gorgeous vegan muffins!) the vision we have for our own small patch of land has been broadened and better defined. What you have allowed to happen through your work with the natural rythms of life shows us that we can achieve a similar enrichment of the environment where we are – storm driven salt not withstanding! Thank you for living your dream and sharing it with everyone. God bless, Lol Hardiman, Ballyconnely, Galway.

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