9 thoughts on “This is How I Roll…

  1. I, too, moved to a small cottage and started Permaculture living in Feltion, CA. It is now so lush, I have to trim, a lot. I love the seasonal living with the earth. At the moment, I am at a log cabin in Chester, CA locked inside because of raging forest fires. I get to strip wallpaper and paint a wall. I have to go to the library to use the computer each day. Your blog is such a blessing. Thank you so much for sending this out. I learn and feel connected to my Grandmother’s roots in West Ireland. Gaia needs your words and pictures. I look forward to checking in daily.   Green blessings,   Eleanor Carolan



  2. And how you roll is an inspiration even to the likes of myself. I came over today looking for ideas of what end of August could look like if I borrowed some leafs..leaves..? from you and instead I get inspired all over again! You are ace!


    • You are an inspiration, what you have created is what the Greeks might call “Temenos.” An outdoor temple of the divine, to the divine, in all her many costumes, frocks and frivolities!

      Bright Blessings! Eric in Oregon


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