How to Grow the Best Organic Apples!

Apples…one of the easiest  fruits to grow.

These Apple Trees were planted seven years ago and have fruited every year.

They has never been sprayed.

There have never been any chemicals sprayed on or around them.

September 2011 Permaculture Cottage 007These trees are the perfect plants in the perfect place…a permaculture success.

The fruit is used as a base for a whole range of jellies, chutneys and jams.

Some of it is stored in the freezer.

September 2011 Permaculture Cottage 010Much is stored in a cool, dark, dry area where it can be accessed for use.

August 2011 permaculture cottage 002Apples are made into Toffee Apples at Samhain and for floating in barrels for dunking games.

Apple slices are dried as rings…simply hooped onto lengths of homegrown Bamboo and hung in the oven of the wood stove.

September 2011 Permaculture Cottage 023I use some of the Apples at the moment in home made Apple yoghurt, yummy stuff!

Of course, where would civilisation be without the seasonal Apple Pie?

September 2011 Permaculture Cottage 009I mulch around these trees every couple of years with sheeps wool left over from my spinning…there are parts of the fleece which are not used in the spinning process.

September 2011 Permaculture Cottage 008This is filled with goodness which is washed, through rainfall, into the soil.

Bealtaine Cottage August 2010During the summer as I mow the paths, I heap the cuttings around the base of each apple tree to mulch out weeds and feed the roots.

Grass is, after all, great fertilizer.

Bealtaine Cottage Sep 2010At the end of each growing season, I cut by all new growth by two-thirds.

All branches that grow towards the middle of the tree are cut out.

Permaculture Cottage August 2011 024Most important of all…I plant lots of bee attracting plants and bushes around the orchards, especially the early Spring flowering bush, Ribes.

The Bees must be looked after!

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  1. How unique to mulch with Sheep’s wool. I would like to see a photo of that. You set a fine example for healthy gardening. Sue

  2. It’s lovely to see such a rich crop of apples on your trees. I am planning to add two fruit trees to my small garden, not sure which ones yet.

    • Hi, Your garden and fruits trees looks so great. I have fruits, china pear tree, prune plumps,apple and green and yellow plums which I never got. I am just waiting for spring and going to buy apples, apricot and peach trees. I have a big backyard and so I dont have to cut grass and also plant my vegetables so I will save money on groceries shopping. I just needs eggs and milk. We can’t keep chicken in the city. very sad part. Back home in Africa, the chicken use to lay eggs under our beds. thanks

  3. The goddess must be smiling on you! I have tried everything to keep pest away (there are two apple trees in my yard) and I refuse to spray (except for sunspray oil to suffocate the pests). One tree (the Cortland apple) gets very few or no pests. The other tree (the Granny Smith) gets absolutely tons. A couple of blocks from my house an apple tree grows (no idea what variety) and it is not sprayed or taken care of in any way. All those apples are clean with no pests. The owner never picks them either. They just fall to the ground to rot! Anyways despite the pests on my Granny Smith, I intend to pick them (if the squirrels leave me any) and turn them into apple sauce. They are still delicious (as the bugs and squirrels know)!

  4. Hi,
    I have grated apple tree and use to get 5 types of apples on the plant. It is just now 5 years old. It stated giving fruits from second years. |Thanks for your quick response. I love your garden and I will change change my garden like yours. Everything natural and no chemicals at all.

  5. Hi I had bought apple tree from canadian tire but unfortunately, the rabbits during winter time ate the bark of apple tree. As it was not growing I cut the tree and I got small branch coming out from the bottom of apple tree. What should I do next, Can I take the branches from the mother plant and grow separately. We are still in winter. Please send me email what should to next if you dont mind helping. thanks once again almas

    • So far no pests as the gardens are packed with diversity, hence resilience and so many birds to control pests. Resilience of diverse planting and underplanting is the key. 🙂

      • Thank you. That makes sense. I hope to have a garden again one day and intend to make our entire site, should we be so lucky as to own, permaculture.

  6. When I grow up I want to be just like you! I took cuttings from a friends apple a few weeks ago and so far they seem to be doing well. I have another friend with an awesome pear tree that I hope to get cuttings from real soon. Are your trees cuttings, seedlings or store bought specimens? What varieties are they?

    • All the fruit trees were gifts from well wishers and from many different sources…labels etc long since gone! All have produced well. The Damson is in flower today and many apples are ready to burst bud! What I did do upon planting each fruit tree was to cut back quite hard, so the roots could get the most energy. Also, not one of the 900 trees planted here are staked…just a support stake for heavily laden fruit branches. They grow stronger that way!

  7. Thank you for the lovely photos and encouragement to grow fruit! We’re been planting fruit trees since we moved here, and plan to put in a few more each winter. I’ve been given a pile of fleece and have started using it as mulch – so it’s really good to know you’ve been doing this and that it works well!

  8. Thank you for the detailed post about apple trees. Mine are in there third year with no yield and have never been sprayed. I will begin mulching like mad.

    • Hi, This inform is for everybody knowledge. My good neighbour cut her crab apple tree because she did not like it. Guess what happened. The tree come back after four years and now it give so sweet apples. This is all creation of god. Amazing

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