Austerity, Angels and Food

Isn’t it ridiculous how we have come to measure prosperity in terms of pieces of paper and metal?

As if that could possibly sustain us in times of hunger.

Food prices are rising steeply as the world harvests are brought in and disappointment is faced.

The excessive weather conditions of drought or flood have impacted on all the land across the world.

I don’t think that anyone escaped the extremes on Planet Earth!

I was talking with my mother about her childhood during World War 2 and she recalls how governments radically encouraged frugality, a return to the earth, growing food and sharing.

It is hard to understand the lack of empathy present day governments have with the people.

Allotments need to be increased dramatically, as the waiting list for allotments grows longer each day in towns and cities across the UK and Ireland.

As the enforced austerity takes hold on our lives, governments need to be helping people to help themselves as much as possible.

If our politicians cared to help empower people, they would…

As I write this, the stove is slowly warming up the cottage, heating the radiators, heating the water and boiling the kettle, ready for my next pot of tea.

Many of the artefacts we have in our homes around us remind us of places, people and our own journey through this world.

I am very fond of natural crafts and evocative ornaments.

We have a need to surround ourselves with beauty.

Some of the most strikingly beautiful elements in our homes can be a simple vase of greenery from the outdoors

Light catchers are fascinating for reasons that are obvious, in that we continually gravitate towards the light.

Plants defy gravity in their growing towards the light.

Sunshine beckons me outdoors, or towards a window.

How many angels have I looked up at in stained glass windows, earth on one side of the glass and all beyond it on the other.

I have recently noticed  many flower shops are also selling angels and the link therein is intriguing to ponder…spirituality, plants, the earth and beyond, all linked and increasingly acknowledged by people seeking answers to age old questions…our material world has let us down.

There is an increasing disillusionment among people seeking a better way of living and understanding their small place in the Cosmos.

People need to feel hope and a sense of purpose in their lives.

The  trees and bushes stand heavy with fruit and seed-heads, food for all, including the birds.

Why import thousands of tons of peanuts, coconuts and the like, when planting food trees for the birds as well us can do the job so much better?

Planting rather than buying can take us all onto a different level of living!

Developing independence through small steps like PLANTING food for the birds and ourselves, enables thinking and living outside of the present day model of wasted consumerism.

The change is waiting for us.


  1. This is my first visit to Bealtaine Cottage and I am so thrilled to have found you.
    I will be reading all of your posts and can’t wait to follow your inspirational journey.

  2. Hi Collette,
    It is amazing what we could do for ourselves but we are so used to just doing it the way we have always done it we just don’t even think about it. I just stumbled upon this video of a man named Michael Reynolds who is doing amazing things with sustainable buildings. here is a link: It is very exciting what is happening in some places. Ecovillages are springing up here and there. If the corporations would just get out of the way, we could do this! Cheers, Patti

    • Thanks for the link, Patti…I shall have a look at that later on today. I don’t have a television as you probably know, so look forward to looking at empowering YouTube docs in the evening here at Bealtaine.I like the “If the corporations would just get out of the way, we could do this!” So right on!

  3. Curiously… ‘shop angels’ like the ‘shop Jesus’, generally have white faces and blonde hair. They are neatly and ‘modestly’ attired, and in the case of angels have well fitted wings contructed of a type of shimmering material. I have looked but never bought!!

    • You’re right…there’s a general perception of angels looking like that, possibly handed down from early Romanization of Christianity.
      For me they are more of a “lightness,” ethereal and shining…maybe that’s where the whiteness/blondeness comes from.
      PS…loved your post on making soup today!
      Fab pics too!

  4. I love all your blogs as they relate to what I have always felt. We need to be able to provide for ourselves, not be dependent on our government to provide for us. They have failed to do that many times. I have always admired the heating systems in Ireland. They are basic and can use multi fuels. I am stuck with an oil furnace which eats up oil. I have a wood stove which heats my kitchen and a pellet stove which eventually will heat the house. We do have to plan for times of no power. In my area we have seen weeks without power from snow storms and hurricanes.
    I love your idea about feeding the birds berries and friut. Because of the severe cold here I think I would still have to supplement with local sunflower seeds too. But next year I will plant more bushes with berries and 2 or three rows of sunflowers so that I can provide my own food and not have to buy it. The more I can do things like this the better I can live.
    I am spinning up a storm and going to teach my new friend (from your blog) Patti how to spin.

    • That is great news…empowering ourselves and each other is truly embracing the Divine in ourselves and each other…reaching out and helping to nurture and create abundance.
      Bless you for that X

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