The Prophecy of Merlin and the Vatican

The spiral, so long viewed as a mystical symbol…associated with the ancient Celts.

Merlin was one of the great mythological figures, also associated with those ancient people.

I say, “mythological,” only because we have no written proof…or do we?

Merlin, according to the Celts, was reported to have made many prophecies in his mythological lifetime…

Nonsense, I hear you say…but, read on, for this is where it all gets rather tangled and interesting!

It is interesting to note here that any writing to do with prophesy is of great interest to an old institution, famous for the suppression and burning of women and especially those with healing and esoteric knowledge at around the same time as this book was published…and into the centuries that followed.

A patriarchal institution of great secrecy…

You see, there is a book in the Vatican Library, amongst many hundreds of thousands of books, that are not to be read, or studied, except under the prescriptives of the higher echelons of that closed, patriarchal institution.

This book is a copy of an original manuscript, dated 8 October 1474.

The extraordinary title of this closed document is, Merlini Prophetica.

  This title, simply translated from the Latin, reads, “The Prophecy of Merlin.”

Amazing importance given to someone who was said not to have existed, don’t you think?


  1. Patti, this is very interesting! Though I am also very curious about what font it is you are using for this post! It is gorgeous, and as a avid font-collector, this font would look gorgeous in my own Grimoire (ie. “Book of Shadows”).

    • There is a plethora of information out there, most of it a smokescreen to what is there in fact.
      Wisdom of any kind is not readily available through mainstream outlets.

      • Colette, please don’t leave us hanging! Tell us more! How do you know about this book, what are the prophesies that are in it? I’m not surprised that the Vatican have it hidden away. Waiting for the next instalment of this cliff hanger

        • I have to report that there is little more I can tell you.
          I only found out by chance when I was researching Geoffrey of Monmouth, the first recognized British historian, who talks about Merlin as a real figure in the opening chapters of his book, “The History of the Kings of Britain.”
          Geoffrey was a 12th century scholar and spoke of Merlin as having ordered the move of the stones of Stonehenge from Hibernia, (Ireland), to where they are at present.

  2. We don’t know if Merlin was a man or woman. If Merlin was a woman, and a wise woman at that, the church was, and is afraid of her wisdom.

  3. The Varican has many sins to atone for….in the past and in the present. Their fear of women is well known. But I guess they fear others as well. So this book is unavailable to the world? I would love to know what is in it. Very interesting. Patti

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