Perennial Vegetables in a Permaculture Garden

Bealtaine Cottage summer in the permaculture tunnelOne of the interesting aspects of growing food is the continual study of plants and what grows where, how and why. 

Bealtaine Cottage potager beds in permaculture gardenI keep records of all I grow as the seasons progress and notice how the environment changes as trees and shrubs grow taller and more dense each year, creating micro-climates, where it is possible to grow all manner of fruit and vegetables that before seemed almost impossible!

Bealtaine Cottage wheelbarrow to compost heapAlso, the manner in which things grow.

I made a short video today on Purple Sprouting Broccoli, originally planted as an annual vegetable but since has developed into a perennial vegetable…fascinating to record!

Missy and the potager garden Bealtaine Cottage Over recent days I have been cutting back and shredding, spreading the chips on the soil around trees, fruit and vegetables.

I noticed how warm the soil was in certain areas of the garden compared to others.

Missy and the potager garden Bealtaine Cottage I then looked at what was growing, as well as other factors affecting the conditions, including aspect.

Some of the conclusions I reached include facts like, stones create heat.

Dry soil heats faster than wet soil.

Hedgerows are such efficient windbreaks that the air on the shelter side is always a few degrees higher than on the wind side.

The area around a wood pile is always warmer and more fertile.

The list goes on…

Bealtaine Cottage veranda and courtyardAnd as for the perennial vegetables, most have the ability to become perennial, if given the right growing conditions.

Bealtaine Cottage plants and logsSo, the more micro climates you create in your garden, the more possible perennials you will have.

Bealtaine cottage Permaculture GardensAlso, many annuals take on an aspect of perennial if allowed to self-seed, so stop being so tidy!

Bealtaine Cottage verandas and plantsI scattered the seed of Aquilegia once only, some nine years ago, and now have Aquilegia all over the upper gardens.

The same goes for Lunaria, Feverfew and Nasturtium.

bealtaine Cottage Permaculture gardens IrelandIf you want a garden of abundance and perennial growth, lay off the Roundup and watch how Nature does it!

Mother always knows best!

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  1. I love perennials (cause I love to eat veggies but I’m also very lazy…). One note, the purple sprouting broccoli only becomes perennial if it DOESN’T seed. You gotta eat all those bad boys and NEVER let is self-seed…

  2. We’re using perennial vegetables in our garden/homestead in Costa Rica. There are a TON of warm climate perennial vegetables. We can hardly keep up eating everything…..what a great problem…haha I’m currently trying to build a database of plants that grow well in my area and building what I call a “survival garden”. Feel free to check out the site I think more folks should investigate these sorts of plants. They could be a solution to malnutrition in the rough spots around the world.

  3. I keep records yet am just getting the hang of how to keep them and what I find important. Spring is late here. I still have snow on 1/4 or more of the land. I keep thinking seed now and will try some just for experience. Love the pictures.

  4. Amazing stuff!
    Once again I am reading,admiring and watching whilst enjoying a little snack. This time a hot-cross bun 🙂

    Warmest blessings x

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