In Search of Sanctuary

Barn at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Gardens

“Sanctuary” refers to a place set aside or designated as a protected spot.

Under EU Agricultural Policy there is a “Set Aside” plan for farmers to fence off small, protected areas for biodiversity.

However, this does not apply to Bealtaine Cottage, as the holding is too small to be significant!

Plant diversity at Bealtaine CottageI plant and protect for the love of Nature, not for the money from the EU!

Maybe that is why there is such diversity packed into these three acres!

Protected plants at Bealtaine CottageThe more well-known forms of sanctuary are areas set aside by humans for the protection of land wildlife, sea life, or ocean life.

Plant sanctuary at Bealtaine Cottage IrelandHere at Bealtaine there are areas of woodland, fresh water ponds and wetland, as well as other significant areas.

Plant Sanctuary, Bealtaine Cottage, IrelandBealtaine Cottage Permaculture Gardens is, in essence, a wildlife and unique sanctuary.

Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine CottageWithin these three acres exist a flourishing ecosystem, as well as  areas set aside to maintain functioning natural habitats.

Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine CottageThese ecosystems act as refuges for species, whilst maintaining ecological processes that cannot survive beyond Bealtaines’ boundaries in most intensely managed landscapes.

Bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardensProtected areas act as benchmarks against which we understand human interactions with the natural world.

Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine CottageToday they are often the only hope we have of stopping many threatened or endemic species from becoming extinct.

Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine Cottage

In the midst of EU sponsored monoculture, Bealtaine Cottage is an Ark for Nature.




  1. I just can’t watch much of this. The lies we are being fed are as bad as the food that Monsanto is growing. There is NO way to stop this monster. And there are more just like them. All the dangerous chemicals. It makes my heart hurt so much. I am only grateful that I have NO grandchildren to face what is being done in this world. I will continue to do my best with what I have and live as organically as possible.

    • The pockets of resistance are growing and flourishing and best of all…we have Mother Earth on our side…She has never been defeated! Let’s keep growing! Blessings XXX

  2. Thank you for speaking out, telling the truth and encouraging your readers. Great video of the Seed Party in Greece!

    We are waiting for our second compost container here and will celebrate its installation with a neighborhood party (and invite people to leave their vegetable peelings at our door)! GO BEALTAINE COTTAGE!

    • The Seed party in Greece was brimming with excitement, optimism and empowerment…just the cure for government neglect and media hopelessness. It made me want to visit Greece!
      Compost is black gold for the garden…I spent yesterday afternoon spreading it form the cold composting area and will watch as veg and flower seedlings emerge from it for free!
      You are re-inventing the whole idea about “Garden Parties,” and it sounds good!

  3. I like that, “an ark for Nature”. We must all build one, to provide a place for so many species to survive in the flood of poisons and monoculture that currently covers the world.. Bealtaine certainly is that, and there are a growing number of them. And someday, the rains will stop, the flood waters will recede, and the Earth will again be green and lush.

    On another note, I found this documentary about GMOs. I thought if I posted it here a lot of people would see it. You are an ark and a bulletin board I guess. Here is the link:

    Hope it works. Patti

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