Keeping the Darkness at Bay

MissyIn every crisis there appears opportunists, ready to make a fast buck on the back of suffering!

Summer shed at Bealtaine CottageAt this point in time, as the Earth is convulsed in sickness manufactured by mankind, it appears that the climate crisis has become a business opportunity for polluters!

Barn, gravel, Valerian and GeraniumMonoculture is extracting and mining and leaving us with raped Earth.

Nasturtiums and Ox-eye daisyThis monoculture madness is being aided and abetted by the EU…the same EU that paid Irish farmers to rip out hedgerows, some of which had been there for hundreds of years.

perlagonium in a pot at Bealtaine CottagePlanting trees on their terms means monoculture plantations that echo the pages of “Silent Spring.”

Sedum for the bees, Parsley for me!It’s time for those who care to step up to the front line!

It really is gloves off time.

We must call it out for what it is…ecocide…the rape, torture and murder  of the Mother!

Potager bed planting at Bealtaine CottageMonoculture plantations destroy the natural diversity of life, at a time when the balance is fast becoming a tightrope walk for Nature!

Rain on Nasturtium in the Permaculture GardensAnd it’s not just monoculture tree planting that is the cause of widespread diseases, destruction of native habitat and destitution for wildlife!

Rain on Nasturtium leavesModern farming practice is predicated on monoculture of the land and the mind.

What can we do?

Bee on Nasturtium flower at Bealtaine CottageEach one of us can do a lot.

Sugar snap peas from saved seed!Speak openly!

Confront the reality!

Vote with our wallets!

Harass our politicians!

Create an ark for Nature!

Ark for NatureAs my friend Marco reminded me this morning…

like Gandalf said “I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay.


  1. I shared this on my farcepoop page. I am right there with you. Trying to discuss it with friends and lobby politicians has taken the stuffing out of me. Now I just ‘do’ whatever I can and infect people with my seed and planting obsession. xxx

  2. I agree with Vivien and for those that are unable for one reason or another to grow their own, Riverford and the like are a blessing. I buy from them and my local farmers market (they even have an online shop) and often find the prices (contrary to what many people think) better than the supermarkets (I have found several things less expensive there) and the quality of course incomparable.
    I am halfway through a very lovely book called ‘To School Through The Fields’ by Alice Taylor about the author’s upbringing on an Irish farm in the 1940’s. It really was a different world. So much kindness and and such a strong connection to nature she and her family had. I think there is much to be learnt from that generation, many of them are still with us now are happier and healthier than the young.

    Warmest blessings to you Colette and many, many thanks for the wonderful work you do here. I think if you were to write books they would be unputdownable.

    • Alice Taylor is a wonderful writer indeed and her recollections of a childhood in Ireland are enchantment itself!
      The price of food in general is rising rather steeply, making locally produced food, organic in particular, very competitively priced. I visited Asda in Enniskillen a while back and was shocked, though not surprised to find they stock very little organic produce in the fresh range and little throughout the store. Tesco is the same…and I conclude that they are preparing us for GM foods!
      As for writing…I’d love to!

  3. …….and support the producers of organic food with your purse. I grow lots of organic fruit, enough for myself and my four adult children. My vegetables, I buy from Riverford. It’s not that I’m trying to advertise, it’s just that we should all look for good organic growers. It is marvelous if you can grow all that you need, but most of us can’t, we just do our best.

  4. If Ireland is anything like the USA, the best we can hope for is to publicly ban GMO tainted products and buy produce that is certified GMO free or organic, call and/or write the politicians demanding change and educate ourselves and each other of the true horrors from lack of bio-diversity. Monoculture destroys habitats and bio-diversity. Fight back by growing your own organics, saving your own seeds and donating to seed banks dedicated to protecting heirloom and GMO-free seeds! The future is in our hands.

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