The Edge of the Abyss

Roses at bealtaine cottageCorporate culture has brought our civilisation to the edge of the abyss.

Poppies in PermacultureAs we stand on this edge and peer over, what do we see?

Crimson flowered Broad beanDo we gaze upon a future filled with hope?

Cow Parsley and Ferns by the Stone CircleDo we see the blossoming of love and compassion?

Missy Cat at Bealtaine cottage June 2013Or, do we gaze with horror, on the face of evil…endless war for resources and a value system that diminishes and declares foolish and obsolete, the essence of our humanity…kindness.

Flo and JackCorporate culture has been spread by economic forces, institutions and governments of the west.

Chives, Honesty and Lovage in the permaculture gardens of  Bealtaine CottageGlobalism has searched out, found and uses as its foundation building block, the lowest common denominator found amongst us.

Sweet Cicely in bloom at Bealtaine CottageCulture has been commercialised and sold back to us in the form of plastic rubbish.

Bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardensFood has been industrialised, chemicalised and globalised…look at where  food has been grown and shipped from!

Rhubarb at Bealtaine CottageGovernments and corporations have colluded, on a criminal scale, to claim ownership on the seeds of life itself.

Permaculture Edible gardens of Bealtaine CottageAs we stare into the abyss of what lies ahead, we are afforded a brief moment in time to take stock, evaluate and decide…

Bee on Lunaria flower at Bealtaine CottageLooking back into history, has taught us, that every civilisation was afforded this small window of opportunity.


A video shot today at Bealtaine Cottage



If you would like to join the  workshop this coming Saturday, there is one place available due to a late cancellation.

The day will focus on creating raised beds, with a practical input on building, planting out and mulching.
We will also look at composting and shredding to create mulch.

The programme includes
Morning tea/coffee & home-made cake
A Vegetarian Lunch
After tea/coffee & home-made cake

For further details please email me on



  1. Totally agree! The ironic thing I see here in my suburban area (and across the US) is that the commercialists have caught on to this desire to get back to the earth. They have twisted it into a new economic market for expensive organic workout clothing and “natural” jewelry and home goods. I know people who honestly believe they are doing a better thing by switching to “earth friendly” purchases but they don’t see that it’s all still just junk they don’t need!

    I wish wish wish I would come to your place this Saturday. If I ever make it over the Atlantic I’ll be sure to look you up.

    • You’ll be made very welcome too!
      Yes, people are traded upon in the commercial sense and always will be, but that is how it will always be in a sense and there is little one can do to change this…but the change is happening in terms of a new value system and that is most welcome!

  2. My heaven may be in a city and it is just the space of what was a lawn yet I am every adding eatables to it. Choke cherries, black rasberries and red, tomatoes and vegtables that reseed. My true friends who are companions in this walking with mother earth. This blog that brings me hope and joy. Thank you to you all.

  3. I truly feel for you Martin. It is a hard road and it is all too easy to think you are walking it alone. The face of corporate greed is all around us and they rely on the fact that we won’t see through them. As Colette says, their power diminishes when we see what their game is. You can do much in your everyday life wherever you live, but you have to make sure that you don’t take on more responsibility than you can cope with. I think it’s then that you get despondent. There is certainly a growing awareness of just what these governments and corporates are about, which is encouraging.

  4. I am so lucky to live in a area of like mined people. not to say that there aren’t any non believers but we do prevail. I have lived in another area where commercialism, corporate greed and non believers who don’t recycle, don’t care about the food they eat or the land upon which it is grown are living and I found it toxic.. There is still time for change thanks for sharing that with us.

  5. Wow – you took the words from my mouth. Trouble for me is that I feel trapped by the said system – need help with the courage to set myself free!

    • You have more courage in your heart than all the corporate and government lackeys together…for you have compassion and empathy, the essential ingredients of courage.
      The system starts to shrink the day you see it for what it is…terror, bullying, greed and malice.

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