A Wonderful Donation!

donation 003This arrived by special delivery this morning from a lovely lady who visited Bealtaine Cottage all the way from Austria.

Her name is Monika and her kindness for animals is abundant.

BimboMonika has a gorgeous little dog named Bimbo, seen here.

Monika has donated this £375 to the fund-raiser weekend total of 200 euros.

The grand total now stands around 600 euros!

Christine, who runs the sanctuary, is in hospital this morning having an operation…please be mindful of her and wish her a speedy recovery, for she does amazing work and is quite devoted to unwanted animals…97% are re-homed!

I have organized to visit Christine next week to hand over the entire donation.

Once again, bless you all for your kindness and generosity to this cause, so close to my heart. XXX 

Non-Profit Organization
Leitrim Animal Welfare Centre 0719648300 leitrimawt@eircom.net



  1. Monika’s Bimbo looks like my rescuded MoChuchailla. She was a puppie of 12 weeks that was miss treated. No details because it was so bad. Mo is now 8yrs and a sweet being. She just lost teeth that the vet and I had been hoping to keep longer. They were loose from the day I got her. What a joy the animal friends are. Every day I am blessed by Mo she is truely a darling daughter.

    • Isn’t it lovely to hear time and again about the wonderful affection and love we get from all these rescued and otherwise animals…and of the caring people who re-home them…bless you!
      And blessings from Bealtaine 🙂
      Colette X

  2. Hi,
    How wonderful Colette, there are so many kind and generous people in this world. My prayers are with Christine today in wishes for a speedy recover. Blessings to you and all your wonderful animals.

  3. That is wonderful news! Just goes to prove the Law of Attraction especially when people have their hearts full of good intentions. Good news that makes everyone feel a bit better. xx

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