Here’s Why… 010

The morning is cold with a spectacular sunrise that washes the sky with shades of red and orange…this is midwinter in all it’s glory!

I’m sat by the computer with coffee, as oftentimes I do in the early morning, uploading photographs and thinking of what I shall write for you. 016There are times when I think to myself, “why continue writing this blog and forever taking pictures and waiting endlessly for uploads and…” but then I get a message, a letter, a card, an email and I am reassured about what I do…

This morning, the writing is done, not by me, but by one of you…my friends, who share this healing journey with me…a winding path, back to an understanding and love for, Mother Earth.

As we help to heal her and make peace with her, so, in turn, she does the same for us…

Dear Colette,

I do hope that this (long overdue) email finds that you are in good form and that all is well with you ? My illness`have been kicking up a bit , not allowing me into the garden as much as I would like , but , still , any chance I get I plan , I plant (myself and my youngest daughter Daisy have gone on a frenzy over the past few months of planting all kinds of seeds, chestnuts, acorns, even apple pips, we plan to give them as gifts to people who DO have the space to plant them , thank you for the inspiration!

Martina 2

Next year (Spring) my husband is building me a small veranda (based on your own…I hope you don’t mind we “robbed “ the design? I just FELL IN LOVE with it!) at the back of our little cottage , I plan to show people that you CAN have the country and self-sufficiency in the town! We do get the “they are cracked” looks , but sure, whats normal really?

Martina 1I am sending you some photos to show you , our pantry is complete!

Martina 4And I managed to make some blackcurrant cordial and jelly (all gone now) , also my yearly elderberry cordial , I still have some hips in the garden and hope to send “himself” out with a bucket this week so I can make so rose hip jam , lovely 😉

martina 5Our ducks are huge now , no egg as yet , but Spring will come, all things in there own good time ! And our Christmas tree this year is a little 3 foot dote in a pot , ready to go to its new home in the garden after Christmas , I`ll find a space somewhere says you , there’s always space!

My husband won the Irish Red Cross “Carer of the Year”

The presentation was last night.

He really deserves it! No other carer in Ireland I`m sure puts up with , “no , that doesn’t look right , move that pot there instead” or “will you dig me another pottage bed please” ? 😉

Martina 3As I write , I have beside me Alice Taylor’s new book “The gift of  a garden” , like all her writing, its lovely and homely , if you get a chance I do recommend you read it!

martina 6We too are hoping it will be fine outside for the solstice , if not , we will make toast by the fire inside and tell stories by candle-light…

MartinaDo have a wonderful Solstice and Christmas season… bless you and keep you , and THANK YOU…when I am bed-bound, I read and re-read your posts , they give me SO much hope , in more ways than you`ll ever know!

Its like I am beside you walking in Bealtaine Cottage , soaking up the healing , and I can almost feel it running through my tired bones!

Take care , love from Tia and all in Moilligh Cottage xx


  1. Colette . . . You write so beautifully, and you inspire many more people who haven’t spoken up. Please don’t stop. What you do is so very worth while.

  2. Colette. . . You write so beautifully, and you inspire many more people who haven’t spoken up. Please don’t stop. What you do is so very worth while.

  3. You are a gift to me, too; just thought I’d let you know. I’m currently living in a condo in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), with only a few houseplants. I hope to live in the country again one day and then go wild with the hugelkultur beds and all that. Although the gardening won’t likely be the main thing; I love too many things for any one of them to be the ‘main’ thing. I have always been interested in Ireland and I love visiting your garden, even though it’s remotely. What you have done is a real inspiration to me. Do go on wiith the blog, please. It’s a light in the window for many, I’m sure. ~ Linne

    • Bless you Linne for your words of inspiration to me and very welcome they are on this bitterly cold morning in the west of Ireland. I hope and pray that you will have your heart’s desire…and soon X Blessings X

  4. I was just thinking I hadn’t read anything from you in a while and then there you were! I have been overly occupied of late and haven’t posted much or had a chance to read my favourite blogs, but it was nice tonight to come across your post. A little Bealtine visit every day is good for the soul 🙂

  5. I love and read your beautiful posts everyday….your photos of your garden and cottage always make me feel like I am walking at your side enjoying all of the bounty….thank you for sharing daily your insights about the beauty around you….I hope you have a wonderful Solstice and the New Year brings you much joy….many thanks for all that you are…Love and gratitude, Barbara from Stinson Beach, California….

  6. Yes…I agree and your posts are such an inspiration to me every day. I live in the city but have a small plot of land where we planted some trees and I love to roam in your garden. I plan to do a blog about my home and nature soon too. I love your rocket stove and think I will build one! I live in the southern US. Keep those posts coming please!

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  7. It is truly wonderful that you got the message from Tia as confirmation that you do make a difference in people’s lives. I truly love getting your posts and look forward to the pictures of the little garden of Eden you are restoring. Good on you for being strong and capable and wise enough to do what you have done and will continue to do. Don’t let the cold months of winter get you down. Keep at it and Blessings to you.


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