From the Fringe…

Permaculture at 001The start of the week in this sacred place, where edges meet and overlap…a cooling, calming morning. 

Yesterday was a day of visits and creating bouquets to take with me.

Permaculture at 002The gardens are flourishing and birthing beauty all around me, so there was much to gather and choose from.

This is the tenth year using the roll of cellophane bought for me by my eldest daughter all those years ago as a leaving London present!

Small investments can and do go on giving!

Permaculture at 003Walking the gardens this morning, after the rain, with the earth scents rising all around me, it was a delight to see the apples well on their way to a grand harvest.

Permaculture at 004I continue to drink the apple juice saved as frozen juice from the harvest last year.

Permaculture at 005The “poor” land here has given me more food than I can cope with…a continuing surplus builds year on year.

Permaculture at 006In this tenth year, it is no longer a surprise that the main stream media has steered clear of permaculture, for the truth of biodiversity undermines the huge Agri-business pushed by governments and those in power.

Permaculture at 007Permaculture has been pushed out to the fringes of society by ignoring the outcomes of such an approach.

Permaculture at 008This is why I write and photograph and film and keep putting it out there.

I don’t mind being ignored, but Mother Earth WILL have her voice heard and those tuning in are rising in numbers to a point where the mainstream media will have to take notice or end up being overtaken.

Permaculture at 010The compost heaps continue to rise toward the sky, dropping back down to earth as they bio-degrade.
Permaculture at 011Newly planted beds promise a rich return all Autumn and well into the Winter.
Permaculture at 012Natural Spring water flows in abundance from an aquifer that is unabused by demanding “flush it away,” toilet cisterns.

There is no away and besides which, water is sacred!

Why use clean water to flush our human waste into the rivers and oceans…no way, there is no away!
Permaculture at 013Taking care of people means taking care of the Earth…how simple is that philosophy to put into practice?

Not if you are a corporation or a politician on the make and take, for there is no money in caring, just an abundant, real economy!

Permaculture at 014Our abiding relationship is with Mother Earth.

Permaculture at 016It is the only physical relationship which surpasses all others in this life.

Permaculture at 017If we imagine our world as a tapestry, then where are you on the stitching?

Permaculture at 020Where do you want to be on the weave?

Here’s a thought: one of the biggest and most powerful supermarket chains in the UK and Ireland spent a small fortune on creating this advertising slogan, “Every Little Helps!”  

Own it!




  1. Colette,
    Can you grow nuts/ seeds, please.
    We are 2 raw foodists and intend to grow as much as poss. of our food.
    I will have largish garden in Donegal on retirement in 4 years and was wondering…….
    You are truly inspirational.
    Thank you

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    • Pumpkins, Sunflowers and Hazelnuts can all be seen growing abundantly here at Bealtaine Cottage…over 760 blogs to see the evidence. Acorns grow very well, as do Sweet Chestnuts and Beechnuts…these are just a few…
      Blessings X

  2. Permaculture is a kind of anarchy. Governments don’t like you taking care of yourself. If permaculture were the norm, we wouldn’t need big agribusiness and big government. What a wonderful idea! You show us how beautiful the world could be.

  3. This is SO beautiful ! Do you maintain ALL of this completely by yourself and without power tools, weed eaters,etc? I only have a one third acre lot and that is how I maintain it-but it LOOKS it too!

  4. As usual…. awe inspiring. Love your philosophy. You are so correct about big businesses. Thank you.

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