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10 July 2014 001

Harvesting is under way.

This year more than ever sees an immense increase in the offerings from Mother Earth.

10 July 2014 005Blackcurrants are taking up much of my time over recent weeks.

Bag after bag is sealed and placed in the freezer to await further instructions! 

Several hundred pounds of Blackcurrants from what was only two original bushes, but now number several dozen…easy to grow and multiply from cuttings stuck straight into the earth!

10 July 2014 010Trees have put out a huge amount of wood which will be coppiced later in the year.

September Permaculture at 002

This beautiful, forgiving form of energy that aids the environment as it grows ready for use! 

Masses of flowers with the resulting seed-heads…growing abundance that is now unstoppable.

10 July 2014 053Seeds that wing their way all over the planet to spread abundance in places I shall probably never gaze upon…the magic of life is impenetrable!

10 July 2014 012And through all this ceaseless activity, Sammy-Bear sunbathes and yawns the day away…

Woodland at 078
And deep within the Fairy Wood, magical afternoons turn into conspiratorial evenings. 

Woodland at 020
The coolness of the Fairy Dell lends itself to long hot summer days, where the sanctuary of shade is a welcome relief from the heat of the day.

10 July 2014 025I am loathe to leave this magical place…

I think it my destiny to stay here and write the stories coming from the land.

10 July 2014 026I had promised my Mother that I would dedicate my first book to her and I shall!

My story of Bealtaine Cottage will be published!

Mothers are immortal.

10 July 2014 028This consciousness we share with all life is there all the time, if we but listen!

I have come to believe in the manifestation of the Divine in all things.

10 July 2014 029Over the past ten years the Divine has manifested here at Bealtaine Cottage, in a most visual and real way.

For the first time I no longer have to imagine the Divine…I experience the mystery all around me in tangible, human and ethereal ways.

10 July 2014 030During the first few years here, growing Bealtaine from a land persecuted and dying from monoculture, I talked about permaculture and the wonder of it all…the regenerative qualities of this practical approach to caring for Mother Earth.

10 July 2014 033However, permaculture has led me further…

10 July 2014 041…into the spirit of Mother Earth herself and beyond that into an understanding of the Divine Consciousness.

10 July 2014 040Those who follow Bealtaine Cottage have witnessed the transformation and the transformative power of compassion toward Mother Earth.

10 July 2014 043We all feel this consciousness.

However it is difficult to articulate, as it is not the third dimensional consciousness we are accustomed

10 July 2014 044It is rather on an emotional and feeling level that we know and love our planet.

10 July 2014 061Those who feel this connection are more at peace with themselves and in harmony with their spirit.

10 July 2014 049It is this harmony I feel at Bealtaine Cottage, which is so impossible to leave.

10 July 2014 054I sense a beginning, not an end.

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  1. I am stunned, enraptured, motivated, inspired and slightly jealous of these pics. You’ve motivated me to create such a place on my little patch of ground. Good job and Goddess bless.

  2. Your photos and words speak to my heart and soul, Colette. You take us through the seasons, we see the transformation from week to week, we’re invited into your oh so colourful home and we begin to understand just how one person can touch so many people. My admiration and love.

  3. Sammy Bear looks to be guarding a very special place…….your place. Are you staying?
    Maura xxx
    ps: Do you have a Fairy Ring in yur Fairy Dell?

  4. Great News Colette! i am delighted that you are staying put because I was worrying about all the trees and plants and flowers without you. I echo everyone’s sentiments – can’t wait to see you!

  5. Colette, I’m so happy you are staying at Bealtaine!!! For it is a magical place. It think the Divine has shown you that you are not alone. Your dear Mother, your Grandmother (who was the one who planted the first inspiration for your life at Bealtaine), your Father (who gave you some of the first trees you planted) are all with you. You were a teacher in the so called real world, but but now you teach so many through Bealtaine how to live a truly inspired life. Thank you so much!!!

    • Dear Sharleen, these past few days I have felt blessed in being able to see the whole Earth and not just Ireland. We truly are one…thanks and blessings to you for yet more inspiration.

  6. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    Sharing this magical post from Collette of Bealtain Cottage that Laura Bruno posted on her blog. Here is Laura’s comment that went with the blog post.


    A most magical post by Colette. Can you see the faeries peeking out of the Faery Dell? So many! So much laughter, mixed with quiet wisdom. I think this might be my favorite post ever on Bealtaine Cottage, and Colette joins the ranks of recent people who’ve had passed loved ones appear to them in dreams. This is becoming much more common as the veils continue to thin. Blessed Be!”
    My family heritage and ancestors are from Ireland. Every time I see Colette’s pictures I feel transported back in time to other lives spent there. Thank you for all you are doing to revive and make the land thrive Colette. I know Laura is doing the same in her part of the world. Blessings be to you both and the Mother. All Mothers.

  7. Beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you so much. First day of chemo for me today so I have enjoyed being able to see your beautiful pictures and inspiring thoughts and connect to something beyond myself.

  8. Colette
    I am so happy about your Mother’s visit. OUr passed family still has things to teach us. You have shown millions of people the path to self sufficiency and hope. Time to write about it.
    Cheers oh and Sammy Bear looks so cute, he is a magical cat.

  9. You really are achieving your dream by what you are already doing….encouraging us all to plant trees and be far more aware of what is happening around us….As someone said earlier, you personally don’t need to plant the trees, you are indirectly doing it through your inspiration to all of us “out there”…..And it is all over the world you are achieving this!! (I am in Andalucia,Spain)…..Hope you find that you CAN stay in your beautiful,magical Bealtaine and continue to inspire and encourage us all….Cannot wait for your book……Love, thanks and blessings, Sandra xxx

  10. I agree completely with Laura, that many other Permaculture sites fail to take account of the Unseen forces, and forget about the Heart of it All. You Colette, are the Bridge♥

  11. This post is beautiful. Honestly, since finding your blog a few months ago I have decided to plant oak, rowan and fruit trees on my little patch of second home in Normandy and wasn’t sure what to do with it before finding you. I search for your lovely posts every day. I have taken up making organic bread again, I am growing courgettes, beans, peas, herbs, have taken on a new hen who has already laid two beautiful brown eggs, heaved my old spinning wheel out of the attic to do something with the alpaca and Shetland fleeces I’ve had stuffed away for years, and have just got a lovely rocking chair like yours off e-bay to sit in the kitchen and knit by the old Aga. I was diagnosed with a degenerative condition last year and got quite depressed, sitting doing nothing, so thank you so much for your help. Just reading Green Spirit – Path to a New Consciousness – excellent book. Eagerly await yours! x

    • Dearest Ally, you have received the healing of Mother Earth through embracing her energy…long may it continue. Our spirit consciousness grows in strength each day. I feel the energy of my mother and many who have passed, as though they are with me in form. We live in a state of apocalypse: a lifting of the veil!
      Blessings X

    • Ally, you have given me inspiration! I have sarcoidosis and was told that being in the sunlight exasperates it-especially the skin lesions. For over a year, I have spent most of my daylight hours sitting inside looking out at all I COULD be doing in my yard and crying! This makes no sense! I am a LEO! The SUN is my planet, as well as a source of light for all living and growing things! How could the sun be against me!?! Maybe my body will heal itself or at least overcome the vitamin D aspect of this so that I can return to nature!

  12. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    A most magical post by Colette. Can you see the faeries peeking out of the Faery Dell? So many! So much laughter, mixed with quiet wisdom. I think this might be my favorite post ever on Bealtaine Cottage, and Colette joins the ranks of recent people who’ve had passed loved ones appear to them in dreams. This is becoming much more common as the veils continue to thin. Blessed Be!

  13. Through your magical photos, I am enthralled by the beauty and growth that you elicit and enjoy at Bealtaine Cottage. It is a great treat to see the thriving ferns and rising arches that naturally give voice to the fullness of what Nature is all about. Grateful for your own ‘listening ability,’ and for sharing all that you do. Continued happiness ~ Blessings! 🙂 <3

  14. You have found your true motherland. To leave would break the hearts of every living thing there. So glad you will continue to dive deeper, and shine a light for the rest of us!

  15. This is so beautiful. Do you maintain all of it by yourself? I want so much to do something like this, even on a minor scale but illness is preventing me from even being in the sun! Looking at your beautiful pictures is such a comfort!

  16. Wonderful as always, does this mean that you are staying? it really sounds like it to leave such a place would be incredibly hard to do, you have worked so hard there. I loved the comment one of your readers left the other day and they wondered how many trees have been planted through the inspiration you provide. I have a tiny garden, but I have managed to put in 2 apples and a plum tree. Cannot wait for the book.

    • I agree. It would be so very difficult to leave such a beautiful place! Colette, you’ll get those additional trees planted yet … but perhaps Little Meadows is right in that they may get planted through you but not necessarily by you. Counting the fruit trees arriving in the coming weeks, I will have planted eleven trees and many, many fruiting bushes.

      After we reach manifest destiny in our yard, I’m already working on the neighbors to let me plant paw paw trees in their backyard, and we’ve got people in town talking about creating a public food forest. A grant went to a community garden to plant fruit trees this spring. All of this indirectly came about due to your blog, because I, as a reader, kept sharing your vision with others in our community.

      Your blog was the first that really made permaculture “pop” for me, because you nurture the beauty and enjoy the spiritual aspects. The other examples I had seen prior to your photos and writing focused primarily on the function, without much care for how things looked. You have proven to me that we can do both. Your blog continues to inspire me in transforming our weedy, stumpy lawn into a permaculture haven, and I keep hearing from others how our yard is inspiring them. Your ripple effect is huge! Never doubt that you are changing the world from Bealtaine Cottage.

      Many Blessings!

        • I agree with Laura, it is in your words and inspiration to us that the trees will come. I now have eleven trees in my garden. In our row of ten houses our garden has the most abundance, with vegetables, fruit, eggs, flowers, frogs, birds, bees, dragonflies and fish. There is room for all of us to share this little patch and it teems with life. I do my best to encourage others in this way but I do not have your way with words! I look forward to your book

            • as always a lovely post…we can become one with our land, we almost put the soul back into it where it has been ripped out, sprayed, abused…we are meant to live with nature not rail against it.. long may you stay..x

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