www.bealtainecottage.comThere is a spiritual event taking place…a coming into awareness of something so fundamentally awesome and life changing that is spreading into the consciousness of all life.

www.bealtainecottage.comThis awakening can be described in simple terms and that is what I want to do here…simply explain it from my own perspective.

www.bealtainecottage.comThe power of love is building compassion and understanding in all of us.

www.bealtainecottage.comAs with great change comes great extremes too; for the power of destruction is cutting a swathe through life as we have known it.

permaculture at Bealtaine CottageWe are now aware that we are not alone, but one consciousness that is capable of immense good.

DSCF1520We have witnessed the power of that one consciousness being usurped by destructors…those who rally sacrifice yet offer nothing of themselves.

Sedge in flower today at Bealtaine
Sedge in flower today at Bealtaine

These destructors are to be found at corporate, government and military levels of the old paradigm.

www.bealtainecottage.comI say “old paradigm,” in relation to the end of life battle they now wage. 017
They know they are doomed. 009The death throes of Empire can be ugly to witness, but pay witness to it we must. 060This is all part of the Paradigm Shift, the epiphany many are now in the throes of experiencing. 064This perception of the essential nature of who we are…this intuitive grasp of our own reality.

Autumn 2013 at Bealtaine Cottage 021For many it has been a quickening of all the senses.

Gloria, me and FloThere is no new world… we have simply begun to see the beautiful one we have always had. 
With Flo and Gloria We are growing as a species. permacultureWe are not fragments of something, we are one.

www.bealtainecottage.comThis is the tide that cannot be stopped.


I am reliably informed that the Postal strike here in Ireland is now over…so all Seeds and Willow ordered will be posted out on Thursday 8th October. Thanks for your patience X 

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  1. lynnesgarden

    How comforting to know that we lose nothing and gain everything by this awakening to the oneness and harmony of all creation. This paradigm shift can be as gentle as the sun rise and a warm and welcome change.

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    1. This is what I sense is happening…a massive change in slow motion…like jigsaw, incomplete and indecipherable until the last few pieces are in place.

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    There is no new world… we have simply begun to see the beautiful one we have always had.


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    The nature of change and expansion of consciousness…


  4. Josephine Lambkin

    So profoundly true Blessings

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  5. Beautiful, Inspiring post as always.
    Maura xxx


  6. Colette, Thank you so much for this blog and your “simple” words of wisdom. They are so powerful. Don’t think we don’t hear your message if we don’t “like” or respond.
    I know you feel so deeply it is your calling by Mother to plant 9,000 trees in Ireland that you are willing to sell Bealtaine.
    Just a thought, but I wonder if you have already planted these trees just not in Ireland. Since finding your blog I have planted a meager 15 trees but plan to plant more. You have over 5,000 followers and over 650,000 visitors. I’d be curious to know how many trees have been planted by them since finding your blog. Your photos and words are very powerful. They show us how to live in harmony and partnership with Mother Earth and it is amazing!


    1. Your words are worth pondering upon, for what you say resonates with my sometime thoughts on this.
      I read this on the eve of another interested buyer of Bealtaine coming to look around…and I am loathe to leave, but I must be willing to keep on the track designated for me. I will ponder…
      Blessings X


  7. Loved this so much!! Thank you! So simply and so well said—-very, very beautiful!!!! from your heart to ours!!


    1. Blessings to you XXX


  8. Mavis Urwin

    A most moving blog and I so look forward to reading them every day, they are so uplifting and the photos speak to me of olden, more glorious days, of a slower life and time to relish and enjoy our surroundings, smell the roses and just be! Colette, you fill a need in many people’s lives judging by the other comments I read. I send a hug for just your being there. Thankyou.


    1. How wonderful…I cherish your hug…blessings to you XXX


  9. […] Originally posted on Bealtaine Cottage: […]


  10. Luciano Garibaldi

    Thank you so much for your beautiful sharing. Many blessings!!!

    *Maria* * *


  11. This is why I follow your blog, you talk such sense, I wish more and more people thought the same way as you do, I share the same beliefs. However, I feel surrounded by hundreds who don’t, my own family think I have some odd beliefs, but reading your thoughts and words I know that I am not alone thankyou.


    1. A growing band! Blessings X


  12. Johanna

    Thank you Collette… for what you do, what you say and how you enlighten my days.


  13. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    I found this post with a comment on Laura Bruno’s blog post. Can’t figure out on my phone how to post Laura’s comment too but had to share the uplifting nature and beauty shared. Enjoy. Thank you Laura and Beltaime Cottage blog. Love this


  14. What a great blog….as someone said it is great to be in touch with like minded people and not feel you are not alone…


  15. Anonymous

    everyday I look forward to your emails…they bring me joy and insight into this ever
    changing world…your photos create the beauty and love that you have shared with me
    I am forever thankful…if i wake up sad and lost I only have to read your email and gaze
    lovingly at your photos and I am blessed to see that you are here to help us are filled with light and honest insight into the moment the earth faces…i am glad for your teachings always….thank you, thank you, thank you…..


    1. Uplifting words…bless you X


  16. Sorry, totally irrelevant, but little Kitty Rose is sitting next to me and wants me to tell “the lady” that Nana (me!) got a new hen yesterday and she has called her Polly Parrot. That’s age two for you! Heartfelt blessings x


  17. Yes, I think something wonderful is coming from your blog – for me, and, I think, many others. I have often felt a bit on the edge of mainstream – few seem to think or live like me, but in reading your blog it is like coming home and I am determined to “hold on” more
    now than ever. It is quite empowering to read other comments. I hope you will keep blogging and inspiring me and others for a long time. I enjoy the blog so much and the photos are lovely. I should so like to meet you over a cup of tea ! x


  18. Leanne

    “There is no new world… we have simply begun to see the beautiful one we have always had”.

    and about time too,
    More and more eyes open to the wonders we already have, and the need to protct and conserve them.

    Leanne x


  19. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Yes! “This is the tide that cannot be stopped.” A beautiful post by Colette, and I could not agree more.


  20. I needed that.Thanks eva so much!
    I was so far down it looked up to me!


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