Vintage Ireland


I recently came across some incredible vintage posters of Ireland as promoted by the Irish Tourist Board.

5c1965678f1b39459b7649e0a5a37a53 (1)I want to share some of these gems with you.

6c264253cf62f44195a1ccfee699775eThe artwork is stunning!

134e9219f82c35c43263ae06bfb689b1Much of it in the Art Deco style.

531d7a8f19978b9012686173d9b6f0f6These posters represent a time when Ireland still retained a distinct culture of living that was outside of the mainstream.

654eb97671d5d0cc7d8c1250d93b52f5The days before the dreaded “Celtic Tiger,” when much of what was distinctly and uniquely Irish, was set aside in favour of ostentation and materialism.

4370bd5e10c43a6ecea52132c62c6b32Bealtaine Cottage is one of the few old cottages that is actually lived in.

The new style is to live in enormous houses that are inevitably cold and beyond the habitation needs of the dwellers.

293378e32e041dfd563f5beb2f1bcd9eThe one real positive aspect of austerity, (and there are very few!), is that there is a slow, but steady return to what really matters…the land.

c33559bd37233575bd17925c86c739acI hope you find these images as beautiful and enchanting as I do…


  1. The farm gate and fields reminds me of my Grandmother’s farm where we used to stay in the summer when I was growing up..but instead of a sheep there was a wiley old sheep dog by my side.
    Love the colours on these posters, most now are hard and brash to look at.

  2. Exquisite art work…I can SO see the TWA ones as a mosaic on a garden wall or a gorgeous pieced quilt on the bed. Any idea who created them? Thank you for sharing…my Muse is clamouring to go and choose fabrics…..but not just yet.

  3. Globalization has taken the soul out of many areas. Thankfully more people are realizing this and going back to simple ways. A good life is not measured by an enormous house. It is measured by how well you treat the land and how you touch people. Beautiful posters. Thank you

  4. The colors and designs of these posters nourish the soul, leaving on in a state of very pleasant and relaxed euphoria.

  5. Fantastic artwork! They are all wonderful but my favorite is the little gold and green one with the shepherd and his flock and view across the water the distant land. Gorgeous.

  6. It is a shame that those things are lost and still disappearing at a fast rate. There seem to be few people who would prefer life to be simpler and slower paced. As far as living goes here in the USA enormous houses that go far beyond families needs still seem to be the going trend. Careless and thoughtless urban sprawl driven by developers greed has consumed millions of acres of valuable farm land that we may wish we could have back some day. The huge suburbs stretching out from the cities like tentacles of a giant squid also create an unsustainable infrastructure of endless roads, bridges and utility supply lines that will burden future generations indefinitely with constant maintenance and replacement costs.

    • Exactly kontar2010. I live in the USA, Pocono Mts. It’s a lovely area but is becoming decimated with the cutting down of trees and lawns to rival golf courses along with all the ‘McMansions’ people feel they need and ‘deserve’ but can’t sustain in the long run. I am trying hard to follow Bealtaine Cottage as an example of what can be done. It’s a bit uphill but I’m feeling so much love for where I am now.

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