Permaculture in Perpetuity

permaculture at 007

Permaculture Gardens grow all the year around.

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The integration of water as a harvest system brings both light and warmth to the land. 

Intensive planting creates so many micro-climate zones that encourage and nurture plants even in the severest of  weather.

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This was never more apparent than on my garden walk yesterday…a fine day, after all the flooding and torrential rain experienced this week.

permaculture at 030

Sheltered spots harboured mushrooms, many of which were edible.

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Wild herbs continue to flourish near waterways and on banks, particularly Wild Mint and Sorrel.

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Perpetual harvests of food, fuel and water, with little or no input at this stage of development, for once the sculpting and planting are complete, the eco-system of perpetual food and abundance takes over!

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Permaculture is a clever system which copies Mother Nature at her finest.

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There are few parts of the world where she is allowed to truly be herself.

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The Rainforest is one of the few remaining ecosystems where this remains governed by the Wise Mother.

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My journey into Permaculture began along practical lines, but as I became immersed in planting and sculpting, my life transformed with hardly a blip, as Sacred Permaculture merged the boundary lines between the practical and the ethereal.

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Perhaps the pictures I took yesterday best sum this up…walk with me…

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  1. Thanks again for the permaculture inspiration. We love to get the details of how and why it all works so well. Your place demonstrates it, and the more you tell why and how, the easier it will be for people to get it. After seeing Bealtaine, nobody can say that permaculture could not or does not work. So vital, so beautiful, so spiritual. Nature.
    Love you Col. Sandra

  2. Here in the northeast of the US we have just received our first snowfall of the season. With each month the changes in our little area will bring more and more joy to all. I love your blog and enjoyed our visit last June. Ireland is a beautiful land. If I couls afford to immigrant to Ireland I would. But alas in today’s world it is all about the money. You are an inspiration to so many. Thank you for what you do. Johanna

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