The Transmigration of the Soul

The Celts, led by their Queen, cut a mighty swathe through the Roman settlements…

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

back door of the cottage

The Romans conquered Europe, but resolutely refused to invade Ireland, despite ruling England, Wales and Scotland for several hundred years.

Angel at sunsetRecently I have made a concerted effort to find out why this was…Why continual Roman Emperors left Ireland alone…?

Sunset through the trees at Bealtaine CottageWhat crops up in my investigations time and again, is the issue of the ancient Celtic belief in the transmigration of the soul.

Sunset at Bealtaine CottageThis was not just something that was taught by the Druids, but an unshakeable conviction in the afterlife…one so strong, that it made them absolutely fearless in battle.

view from a window at Bealtaine CottageTransmigration of the soul is a doctrine of reincarnation.

Flo and JackWithin this belief, spirits may be reborn into any of nature’s forms – human, animal, or even inanimate things, such as trees and water.

Water garden in permaculture at Bealtaine CottageThis is supported by evidence from the ancient Celtic Heroic tales.

Celtic Cross at Bealtaine CottageThe Greek writer Diordus Siculus (c. 60 BC – 30 AD) noted that the Druids…

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3 thoughts on “The Transmigration of the Soul

  1. I don’t think they lasted long in Scotland Colette, and they never got to the western Highlands or the north. I sort of wish they had because I love the Romans and their archeology.


    • The Picts repelled them, hence the erection of the fortified wall under Emperor Hadrian. There is a fascination with Roman archaeology for me too, but not to the same depth as the earlier Celtic civilization. Rome was very much empire and straight lines with a very patriarchal dominated society that excluded women from all power and learning.
      Blessings XXX


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