Magical Days


Gardens in Spring are one of Nature’s great delights.

Here at Bealtaine Cottage the back door remains open and the sun streams in.

My grandson, Dylan sips tea, whilst nearby, Charlie sleeps on the rocking chair.


It is days like these that are idyllic to recall, as the days of Spring and Summer stretch out before us. 008

Sammy-Bear sits by the open door, enjoying the strong sunshine.


Somewhere in the scheme of things, as the days lengthen and the early morning birdsong touches our souls, a deep sense of optimism pervades the humdrum of everyday life.


Animals react to Spring with displays of joy.

The image of the Spring lamb are there for all to see, but look at the behaviour of other animals…


And the Earth itself…I can smell the grass growing…it’s an earthy, green, living smell that intoxicates!


As I walk among the Potager beds in the garden, I notice how the Purple Sprouting Broccoli is regenerating, almost as fast as I can pick the small sprouts.


In the tunnel, Calendula flowers on last Summers plants…a welcome reminder of the flowers to come and oh, they smell so sweet!


Buds on the Peach tree are beginning to thicken.

This was a broken tree I rescued from the waste of a big store.

It’s taken four years to nurture it into a strong tree and this year, maybe, just maybe, I shall have some fruit!


The Kale has over-wintered well, keeping me supplied with plenty of this rich food through the dark months.

Now, as almost all the leaves have been harvested, it begins to sprout abundance all over again.

Time to feed and water well!


This Celery was planted and stem harvested last Spring.

It has regenerated and will provide yet more nutrients for juicing!


Spring flowers, beauty to behold…feeding the spirit as I work in the kitchen.


Flowers on the Ribes bushes have opened.

These will be ready to feed early awakening bees.


Wood, stacked in Wigwam shape to air dry before being cut and moved to the barn.

There is so much wood here at Bealtaine that I am never going to get around to coppicing more than about 25%!


Taking the time to bend down and look closer to the Earth, sights like this remind one there is another world below our view, reacting to the energy of Spring.


I hope you make time to go out into Nature and find repose with her, for these are days of Spring magic…Magical days indeed!


  1. What kind of mushrooms are those in the last two snapshots under “cats”? It looks like Turkey Tail. Very beautiful. As always, your garden is inspirational.

  2. I don’t know where to post this-but the topic for this is “cats” and that is as close as I can find. I would like opinions from dog owners. Because those of us here are trying to live as “naturally” as possible I figured I’d get better opinions. I have a 6 month old JRT mix puppy and always got my dogs neutered and spayed at that age. But new literature says that especially with male dogs, this may not be good and can cause long term health issues. Do all of you routinely neuter your male dogs? My little guy is a house dog and chances of him running into females in heat are slim. I want to do what is best for him.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL!! So much inspiration for my own sweet space on my Canadian Gulf Island, Gabriola, here on the West Coast of Canada. Thank you, Sister!

  4. Yes, yes , yes – such a magical day truly beautiful and the birdsong and the buds have made me very busy in the garden all day. Glad all well with you.xx

  5. It’s so much fun to see the reaction of Sammy-Bear to his surroundings. Would that we all take a lesson from the animals.

  6. Love your posts, as always. I don’t think I have ever seen a home that i have loved more than yours. Such simple beauty. That last picture is just amazing. I have never seen so many mushrooms on one log!

    I was wondering if you might could make a way for people to login with Google+? I usually use it and am already logged in. I had to create a WordPress account in order to comment. It would simplify things. Thx. Blessings!

  7. You have given me hope! I live in Massachusetts where we still have mountains of snow. It is melting, but there is so much it will take a while. Birds are singing and buds are swelling. Seeing all your lovely plants makes me yearn to get my fingers back in the dirt. Thanks and Blessings to you.

  8. oh what a wonderful, wonderful post full of optimism and the beauty of the everday. spring is such a joyous time, captured beautifully in your words bright blessings x

  9. Collette – here in Canada on the prairies, we will not be enjoying any of these sights for 3 more months!!! I never cease to marvel at the ‘soft’ weather some places have compared to us. Something we can only dream about.

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