Into the Heart of the Goddess

On this beautiful morning…

Bealtaine Cottage

September 2014 053

I came to a little cottage in an unfamiliar place in the west of Ireland ten years ago… I was a very different woman then.

Vintage Chest 018

I had faith in patriarchal religion.

I chain-smoked.

I ate meat.

I rarely questioned the matrix that was my life.

sustainable living at 010

Much has passed.

Much of me is gone too.

permaculture at 031

The years here have seen a new woman emerge, one who would have been barely recognisable to me all those years ago. 036

Bealtaine has sculpted me, hollowed out the fear and uncertainty, re-shaping and moulding me into someone very different. 007

I have journeyed back to the Mother.

I now live my life now to serve only the interests of Mother Earth. 006

I am ready and prepared to spend more time in meditative work, making a pilgrimage to the heart of the Goddess. 010

In order to be able to do this, I am directed to spend…

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One Reply to “Into the Heart of the Goddess”

  1. There are times when it all seems so hopeless, and today was one of those days. I had got into a discussion with people who care more for their own ego’s than the natural world. I went out to do some shopping and saw the Buzzards flying high, young Pheasants crossing the road and a Blackthorn in blossom. My spirits rose, for how could they not.


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