Creating a Permaculture Garden of Eden…It’s Easy!

Permaculture Paradise is within your grasp!

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland (2)
Seven years ago this space was a wet, rushy field that hosted a rather angry looking cow…that was on the first day I spied Bealtaine, as it was to become known.


Here was the upper field where the orchards are now!

There is a pic somewhere on all these posts of that very angry cow, poor thing!

Lots of mulching, planting and mulching later, here is the same field…mad, isn’t it?

I know I’m always singing the praises of permaculture, but there is no other method I could have followed in order to make this transformation on my own.

The Ladys Mantle has just done its ‘spill thing,’ as you can see…I love this, as it grows beside one of the water bins.

The Rose Arch between the orchards.

Grapes and Poppies in the tunnel.

Permaculture works on so many different levels and in all situations, even here on the…

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5 thoughts on “Creating a Permaculture Garden of Eden…It’s Easy!

  1. Colette – did you plan where things were going to go, or did it just all come together serendipitously? I am deep in my plans right now, for our land, and feeling pretty overwhelmed… I don’t want to just plant trees and things, then have to move them at a later stage, but at the moment, I just feel like broadcasting seeds willynilly, and seeing what develops!!!

    On a separate question: will you be selling your lovely seeds again this year?



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