1. I care for a in city yard that surrounds the home. From door steps to property line I have planted beds and a garden (in the front yard). Now is the time when I have little time to read or post. Yet your words are so moving and I see people moving too. Several years ago a neighbor would have complained and the city would have made the front yard go back to grass. Though no one has followed me (yet), no one has complained. I am gratefull for the small changes. May the drop become the river, the river an ocean. May we all awaken every day to our purpose. May Bealtane Cottage ever stand with in the change of time. So it is.

    • Bless you for your lovely words and may Mother Earth continue to bless you for your endeavours. Continue to show those around you what is possible and the beauty of it all.
      Blessings X

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