As Pleiades Rose… open gardens 019

A fabulous sunset on Bealtaine 2015.

A Bealtaine filled with much love and sunshine, as visitors came and went all through the day. open gardens 018

First arrivals walked up the lane at 10am, with the last leaving at 8pm.

At Bealtaine the star cluster known as Pleiades rises in the early morning sky, just before dawn. Bealtaine Cottage interior design

The Pleiades is a cluster of seven closely placed stars, the seven sisters, in the constellation of Taurus.

Bealtaine, was always regarded as a time of “no time” when the veils between the two worlds are at their thinnest.


This morning, as the Pleiades rose, I walked the gardens, tea in one hand, steadying myself by holding onto trees, as I gazed up into the brightening sky.

Today was a Bealtaine of great renewal as the Summer moved into the Northern hemisphere. open gardens 022

I want to say a massive “Thank You!” to those who made the journey in person and especially the good people who sent beautiful wishes and messages from all over the world.

There are times when I feel totally over-whelmed by the love and support you show for this little piece of Ireland.

Today was such a time.

Bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart XXX Colette


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  1. It is You we thank for sharing the grandeur and beauty of nature. This is such a warm and welcoming post of remembering Bealtaine on this chilly fall morning in November. It has been down to 30F (1.111C?) at night here in Northern California. I cover the citrus each night and have brought in the sun loving potted plants. They will become houseplants now until spring. One day I’ll have a heated green house. Midwinter is calling….

    • wonderful words and picture from the perma goddess in eire with much blessings from such a wet and windy day in the west coast of scotland.
      love and light
      gail x

  2. Morning Colette, I am just back from a weekend of communing with plants which is why i wasn’t there yesterday. So Happy Bealtaine and don’t be surprised at the love and support you recieve – it’s the Law of Attraction – coming back at you. xxx

    • I was just thinking of you, as I was drawn to look at the pics I took in Clifden last year 🙂 Synchronicity!!! I’m looking forward to spending some time with you both…and you’re very welcome to stay here! Blessings XXX Colette

  3. HIi Collette, just to say sincere thanks for your kind hospitality yesterday. So glad I we found you and what a pleasure to be able to wander around your beautful gardens. My daughter Louise is still talking about the fairy woods! I hope you also enjoyed your day and so glad the sun shone! Once again sincere thanks and I look forward to returning. regards Geraldine.

    • Yesterday was indeed a beautiful day and marked a very special anniversary…for this is the longest time I have ever lived in on home. I am always delighted to share this sacred little piece of earth in the hope that it will inspire others to reach out to Mother Earth and make peace with her. Blessings to you all XXX Colette

  4. Happy Beltane! May 1, the festival that celebrates fertility in all its forms: diversity, resilience, regeneration. And that also honors the workers of the world, those who tend and foster the fertility of the soil, the resilience of the community, those who labor to meet the needs of all of us. Blessed be all who put their hands in the dirt, who do the work of caring and tending and nurturing. In these times when there is so much hatred and destruction, may this festival remind us of the even greater power of love! – Starhawk
    And Happy Beltane from me here in Toronto too.

  5. Bealtaine Blessings, Collette!
    I always love to keep up with you and your work there. You are most inspiring, and I look forward to making a trek to visit with you one day.

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